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    The title of some of these links can be misleading in some cases.
    The info relevant to the category is inside the threads.

    Painting & Foiling Lures:-
    Colour Discussion -

    Airbrushing:- - dead link

    Shaping Lures:-

    Test Swimming:-

    Wireform ( thruwire) construction:-
    Wiring a fishing lure tail wrap by Salty's Wood Lures - YouTube

    Ballast Weights:-

    DIY Drying rotisseries & other equipment:-
    Merv's version -

    General discussion on design:- - and other popper design issues - Pacey's build process

    Resin Trolling Lures:-

    Inducing the strike:

    Resin Storage Discussion:
    for those molding lures in PU resins - h

    Glow Tape -
    Hook data -
    Holographic Tape/Foil - - Possible Incorrect.
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    That's super cool stuffs. Thanks DenisB.

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    Ripper mate , you have just made it easy for us rookies thanks .

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    Thank you Denis for your effort...........
    I have all the equipment for lure building but I wish have extra time for it......:(
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    Thanks for the help Freddie.

    There are a couple of tutorials/ discussions from other forums on 360T before we had a lure forum
    2 in particular I could not find
    If anyone has links to them or printed copies could you let me know & I will add them to the list
    - one on the vacuum bag & heat method for holotape foil attachment
    - one on a discussion of lure design parameters & what effect they have.
    and a smaller one as a post in part of another thread about lure design & tuning.

    if anyone knows where they are could you post them & I will add them to the list as a permanent sticky.
    hopefully someone can remember them or has a copy & it will save me trying to reconstruct them if they cannot be found.

    The list is not comprehensive & in order as I remembered them & found them.
    recommendations for any additional links gratefully received.

    EDIT: found some more & added them
    still haven't found the vacuum bagging holotape method one tho.
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    I remember reading it.......I'm working on it.:)
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    nice job Denis- one stop shop for lure builders!
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    Not the ones I was thinking of
    2 more added to the library OP at the top.

    Thanks Phil
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    Nice job Denis,

    This should really spark some interest, and answer almost all the questions in one place!

    "Inducing the strike " was another great thread, but I can't seem to find it.
  13. DenisB

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    Nice job Denis,

    This should really spark some interest, and answer almost all the questions in one place!

    "Inducing the strike " was another great thread, but I can't seem to find it.

    Yes we had a few good threads in other forums that are hard to find...........I could not find that one either.
    It would be great if we could find them all & get them into the reference library for everyone to find & read more easily.
    Anyone who knows the location of relevant thread links ..........please let us know.
    Like others, I have a headache from trolling with the search engine trying to find discussions I know are in 360T somewhere.

    BretA compiled a bunch from other 360T forums , that he could find, when he started the lure forum.
    We all owe Bret a vote of thanks for that initiative..............addicts that we are !!!!!!

    Whoo Hoo had another go using Google for 360Tuna & then search term ...........up it popped.
    its in the library links now.

    More Edit:
    another successful search.
    Found one of the threads about the vacuum bagging method & added it to the library.( not the one with pics unfortunately).
    Having more search success using google instead of the 360T search engine ( funnily enough).
    Search engines are funny things , the sequence you use in the search terms can make a big difference to the success of the search.
    If I use an initial google search for 360Tuna & an advanced search using the keywords of the subject I am looking for its bringing up results that searching just for the subject keywords is not finding.

    Any help in building our library of 360T discussions on lurebuilding gratefully received.
  14. DenisB

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    is this what you're looking for denis? i'm still searching for the others, new 360 is making it difficult.

    Unfortunately not, but its a good discussion of test swimming & correcting tune.

    Added to the library.

    Library has coverage of most of the DIY subjects now & several examples of different ways to do things to choose from.
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    Hey guys, I'm new to the forum and have already enjoyed many of the shared designs, opinions and obvious expertise. My recent move to the Gulf Coast of Alabama has prompted me to get into some lure building. As a newbie to this, I will be looking cut the learning curve as much as possible and from some of the products I've seen so far on this forum, I have come to the right place!
    My first question, and hopefully it's ok to ask, is this..... What is the best 2 part resin (clear) available on the market at a reasonable price? As a beginner I expect to make mistakes and thus would like to learn with a lower cost resin. I have ideas on some new designs for Big Game resin heads that will start out in the range of 3/4" to 1 1/4" diameter (guesstimate). I feel like this question has likely been discussed before, but have no idea where I can find it within this forum. I guess my biggest concern to start is the curing time of the resin as these lures will be thick if you will....any guidance or help is much appreciated!
    As I have just moved and still don't have a proper work/build area, it may be a while before I can start posting pictures of my "Visions", but rest assured, once I get a finished product I will be posting them all for your viewing pleasure! Thanks in advance!
  16. DenisB

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    The tutorial thread is not the place to post questions like this.

    You should start a thread in the forum with your questions in future please.

    In answer to your question , the cheapest , readily available clear resin for making trolling heads is a clear polyester resin as used in surfboard manufacture.
  17. Scooter1214

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    Thanks Dennis! Will do....realized after I posted that I had done that, a real big Duh on my part. Anyway, thanks for the info!
  18. Pope

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    My students are taking one of my poppers and redesigning it after looking at how they are made. Our school has a 3D printer and they think they can get a resin to make the poppers more durable with the right buoyancy. I can't wait to see what they make.
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    i tried clicking on the links and it wouldnt work took me back to the home page. ?