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    Caught a nice Flounder last evening, so I put it in my fish pen to keep it fresh for tonights dinner. It's hard to get fresher from the water, hit the cleaning table, a pit stop for spices and then into the oven. FYI it was delicious

    Cut a couple gashes in each side of the fish, coat fish with olive oil, sprinkle with Mediterranean Spices with sea salt (pack some into the gashes). Slice potatoes into bowl, add a little olive oil, salt, pepper and garlic powder and mix well. Put some cut onion rings under the fish and potatoes in pan around the fish. Put some onion and green pepper on top of the fish and bake at 425 for 25 minutes. Serve with a salad.

    20170923_183101.jpg 20170924_173259.jpg 20170924_174852.jpg 20170924_181826.jpg
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    Man!!! That looks great!!!

  3. Kim

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    Tastes even better than it looks! Easy to make too. Slice your potatoes about 1/4 - 3/8 inch, same with onions (can use yellow, white or red) and Green pepper.

    Put potato slices in mixing bowl, sprinkle just enough olive oil for a thin coat, spice with herbs de provence.

    Clean, scale and remove gills from fish. Cut a couple slashes in the fish as you see, brush on olive oil, sprinkle liberally with Mediterranean spices with sea salt making sure you push some into each of the cuts in the fish (both sides)

    Put some green peppers and onions on panwhere fish will lay. Put potatoes in pan all around fish. Put some onipns and peppers on the fish. Can also use lemon slices and red (hot) peppers to spice fish if y9ou want more kick.

    Bake at 425 F for 25 minutes or 3 - 4 lb fish. Test with tooth pick for doneness.
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    Those pictures are making me hungry. Nice Fish !!!!!!!!!
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    Kim, you are not a true southerner! Potatoes? Anyone from the south knows that you need to have cheese grits with your fish. :p
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  6. Kim

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    If I was a true blue blood southerner, that fish would have been fried crisp in Crisco, served with cheese grits and hush puppies as sides.
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    Nice Dish.

    French say, no head no taste.
    I agree, whole is my preferred way to cook many fish.

    Couple of suggestions on the flounder.

    Personally, I never cared for the way the bottom (white side) of the
    fish would cook, always too soft and mushy for my taste.
    So, I now fillet off the bottom side, skin it, and use it for another dish.
    The filleted side now sits on the potatoes, the small bits of meat and juice
    it will give off during cooking, now adds more flavor to the potatoes.

    Second, slashing of the flesh. Fish is a protein, steak is a protein.
    Do you slash your steaks, no, you know why not. Apply that to fish.
    Slashing is used with deep frying,
    and at the same time, the oil sears the meat to prevent fluid loss from the meat.
    because it opens the fish to quicker cooking at the higher temps of oil frying, that would burn the exterior before the inside is cooked .
    Try this, create a pocket, fillet from the top of the fish down towards the belly
    and stop there, now you have a pocket between the meat and the rack.
    Seasoning in there and anything else you want to stuff in there.
    You get much better seasoning and distribution of flavor to the meat.

    Temperature, 425-450 is ROASTING temp range.
    To bake fish, around 350-375 is the right temp.
    For fluke that size, I bake around 20 min at 375,
    then finish off under the broiler for 3-4 min
    to crisp up the skin.

    Again back to the steak, do you cook your protein (steak)
    with the mushrooms or onions on top ? No
    Apply that to fish as well.
    Mix them in with the potatoes.
    They take less time to cook than the protein.

    FINS- cut them off with a scissor, tail fin too.
    They have lots of slime contained within them,
    and the heat releases that into your potatoes.
    You will find a cleaner taste if you remove the fins.

    I would also suggest you need a bit of ACID in your recipe
    to help enhance the overall flavors you are trying to apply.
    A little squeeze of lemon juice over the fish when off the heat
    you might find tasty.
  8. lite-liner

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    I have a Vietnamese fishing buddy that showed me something that I think would
    top off this dish perfectly. the scaling & fin-clipping reminded me of how I do Vermillion snapper.
    after removing from the oven, pour very hot canola oil over the skin of the hot fish, then drain just before serving. this will crisp the skin & brings out even more flavor