Difference between Saltiga and Ishidai?

Discussion in 'Reels' started by YMMV, Feb 26, 2009.

  1. YMMV

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    Did some searching and came up with nothing on this. Anyone know the difference between the two if any? I know the Ishidai has a higher drag rating of 33lbs and Im sure there is a reason? Is it worth the additional money? Thanks.
  2. jiggawhat

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    The only major diifrence is the drag and a line counter i think.

  3. BretABaker

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    i believe the ishidai is also a narrow spool, but could be wrong.
  4. lordhell

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    You won't get Daiwa USA warranty on that Ishidai, whereas you get full Daiwa USA warranty on your USA Saltiga conventional reels. If you want 33 lbs of drag from the USA Saltigas, just upgrade to Carbontex drags, simple installation $15/$22 investment depending on your Saltiga. Here's a link:

    Pricing Information, SMOoOTH DRAG *** Can Stop Anything *** Toll Free: 888-206-4656

    Line counter is not necessary, you can always get color coded PE line to gauge your drops.