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Discussion in 'Tackle and Rigging' started by thenewkid, Jul 17, 2007.

  1. thenewkid

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    im getting what gear i have ready for an upcoming trip to the east coast canyons i just bought some new stuff like diamond jigs and what not and was wondering do you put new hooks and slit rings on them if so teble double or single hooks in what size ? have seen with all combos what works well for you ?
  2. Deep_Sea_Gull

    Deep_Sea_Gull Lifetime Supporting Members

    It's hard to beat assist/stinger hooks for jigging.

    You'll find it even harder to beat the OTI prices on their Raptor series. Thier jigs come with the assist hooks.

    For conventional diamond jigs... I will re-rig if I feel that the hooks and split rings are not strong enough. I have not done enough experimenting to say if butterfly rigging or hooks on the tail of a diamond jig are better. I use Gomakatsu trebles if I am keeping most every fish caught. Siwash hooks are indicated when I wish to release most fish. (I also rig poppers the same way.)

  3. Bret

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    on Diamond jigs.. if I am fishing bottom structure.. I will opt for the assist hook on top. if not ie. jigging for tuna at a certain depth, it doesnt matter. but the bottom hooks will snag on wrecks,oil rigs and reefs more than the assist hook will. .. I would get several of different weights(up to 12oz) of the diamond jigs to go with the different currents you may encounter..

    Like Deepseagull said.. OTI Jigs are ready to go out of the package..no re-rigging necessary. good luck
  4. papio

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    Be sure to pump up a little to tone them muscles. Working those DJs takes more energy and effort compared to the Asian design jigs.

    Like Sea Gull said, go with trebles if ur keeping fish. I lost many fish with the siwash. Good luck....good fishing....

    Anyone experiment with treble for assist hook? I think it would tangle often and be too much of a headache. Ummm....no brainer....
  5. Ragman

    Ragman Moderator

    Hey papio,

    I talked to a guy that was experimenting with a treble assist, and he was using a rubber band (sort of loosely) to keep the hook from fouling.
  6. SkeeterRonnie

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    if you compare prices, the OTI jigs are not much more than a standard diamond jig once you add all the extra(assist hook, etc. )
  7. papio

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    Thanks Ragman. I'll try a treble assist on my next trip out just for curiosity.