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    Back when we first started out, there were no computers and we called on the telephone for the noaa weather report. I guess this is the same, but I have rediscovered it. Plugged the number into my cell phone for future reference.

    NDBC - Dial-A-Buoy

    Mapping link to find your buoy number

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    Yes, I use that one all the time for trolling. We look for an area where the temp break is in 400-600ft of water. And if I can find the temp break transitioning out from 400 out to 600 and over the shelf, its the money for summer mahi. I'm talking mahi mayhem.

    Hiltons is a great pay site for water temp, because you can overlay gps points to get your go to. Fryingpantower has a free service called Supermap that lets you do almost the same thing for free.

    The interactives give you a touch more info.