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I am going to throw a party in October. I am leaning towards the 28th, but could swing the 14th. Bret is going on the Big E the 28th and I sort of owe him. He has fed my sorry *** many nights in Fort Worth, Dr.Shark takes care of my dietary needs in Houston and McDonald's fills my belly offshore due to Rick. Oh Bret, the food on those lonely nights....I degress.

Anyway, I would like to see what everyone else in the DFW area is doing these weekends and see which weekend works for the masses. Ragman, TJ, PiePuncher, Jared, Bighead...what's up? Let me know and no land lovers!

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14th and 28th will work for me.

Do you want me to bring SOTO?
Heck ya!
Sounds good to me too!

I'll be fishing the October 20-23 weekend though.

Let me know if you want me to bring some Alaskan Salmon. I should have received my box by then.
Hey Tom, have you posted a report on that alaska trip yet???
Not yet!

I'm working on OTI stuff, trying to spend some time with Sandi and the kids, finish up for big presentations in NY all next week, etc. etc.!!! LOL

I did catch a 27" rainbow trout! They said rainbows weren't that common in that part of the river, much less that size. It had 16" girth too!
Wow, look forward to reading the report Tom.
Tom, that sounds like a great trip! I just was talking with some friends on planning an Alaskan salmon trip. You will need to fill me in on the details!!
the 14th is much better for me. i can't make the 28th as i am on the big e during that time frame.....rick
The party is going to be on October 14th! To many friends had things they already had planned with family on the 28th due to it's close proxemity to Halloween. Plus, the Big E is obviously headed out with several of you guys. Therefore, I am going to have the party on the 14th. I will start cooking around 6pm. Feel free to bring what ever you would like. We should have enough fish to fry. Ross is going to bring some tuna. Maybe a nice bottle of red wine would compliment the sashimi, so feel free to bring a bottle. If you plan to attend, please respond so I can make a list of how many to expect and provide an address to those who need it.
always. Blake will not be there though.
You guys may need to bring a jacket this Saturday. Looks chilly! This is the list of guys and gals from the board I am expecting. There will be about 25 others too. Let me know if I am missing anyone!

Bert's Buddy
Bert's Wife
Mrs. Txseadog (can't remember her first name Kevin)
Mrs. Chasteen

P.S. Blake may actually make an appearance after all. He is good luck. First marlin ever landed on the Phat Cat and he was there! Just don't rub his belly. He will tell and I will kill.
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Scratch my buddy, but me and my wife Cinda plan to be there. Can you post up or pm directions?
Dont forget Betsi and Jade.... Kevin's wifes name is Allison...
I thought I had Betsi and Jade on there. I was tired. Thanks. That's right, Allison. Perfect name for a tuna fisherman's wife. My next wife will probably be named Dogtooth.
Count me in, I dont think we are doing anything else and its nice to get out of the house for something other than fishing. Good to hear from ya and I will see you this Saturday. Meg will also be along and maybe the little one. Its up to mom if he comes or not but he did really well at Joe T's last weekend(his first time to a PACKED place). Sounds like your place is going to be loaded brandon. Will be fun and look forward to seeing you guys this weekend.
Hey Brandon,

Maddi, my youngest daughter, decided to have some friends over Saturday night for a slumber/birthday party at our place.

So it's just me coming over, while I leave the house to the girls!
Hey jojo- I can't speak for Brandon, but he said D/FW Tuna heads! I believe you're from Garland and if you consider yourself a tunahead (or in training) give Pope a call!

He posted his number on one of these threads!LOL
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