Definitive Guide to Tackle & Rigging?

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    DISCLAIMER: I am a complete newb to fishing.

    My dad has a bit more experience. It has always been his dream to get us out, on the boat and go for some big fish. He queried, "Where can we learn how to bait the hooks? Obviously, we know how to physically bait hooks- but do we know the right lure/ bait on the right hook with the right rigging to catch the fish that we want in the area that we plan to fish? Absolutely not.

    For example, are the tuna off the coast of Catalina Island (LA) partial to the same bait/ lure/ rigging setups as the tuna off the coast of San Diego/ Mexico or in the Coronado Islands? Is there a definitive guide book, DVD, streaming video, and/or a YouTube channel we should watch? We want to go for tuna, but we are open to other fish in the region that are biting, and which we can bring to shore for a nice little payday after enjoying time together on the water.
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    If you're in the SoCal area, then check out

    Capt. Dave is a trip, but the guy knows fishing. This would probably be the easiest/most concise way to achieve your goal in the shortest period of time based on your location.