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Discussion in 'HUNTING' started by Bret, Sep 21, 2009.

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    The wife was off partying with her girlfriends this past weekend. So my neighbor and I decided to take our girls to the deer lease to fill feeders, shoot bb guns and campout. Jade and I left early as one of Gary's girls had a gymnastics meet. Jade and I get to the lease around 3 and unload the 4wheeler and go and pick up memory cards from the cameras. We had been trying to get in touch with the landowner all day to no avail.. We found one of his brahma (sp.) cows w/ stillborn calf hanging out.. At first I thought she was dead.. but she was still alive. Jade, my 6yrold was hanging tough.. as it is not normally something you see everyday. I grab the only thing I had, which was baling wire.. and I work for about 45 mins with only half of the calf out.. finally the landowner showed up and he had a piece of chain that we hooked up to the four wheeler to finish the job... we worked for a while and finally got the cow to stand up.. Pretty interesting way to start the weekend. we saved the cow.... The rest of the weekend was filled with moving feeders, driving t-posts, filling feeders, riding 4 wheelers and having fun.. No monster deer to report from the deer cams, but we have PIGS and lots of them.. from 5lbs to 200lbs plus.. I am going to get my hogtrap and move it down there soon.. Had a great weekend with the girls, teaching them different animal tracks and outdoors stuff. here are some pics..
    was going to dove hunt, but didnt see to many fliers.. 6 inches of rain has them scattered..

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    great job saving that calf and those kids are too cute!

    Can I buy a piglet from you if you trap some ?

  3. Bret

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    the calf was dead, but mama lived.. I will give you a pig, if we catch some..
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    So where is the camp. Are you not on Bob's place anymore?
  5. Bret

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    So where is the camp. Are you not on Bob's place anymore?
    Gary and I got a place just south of eastland.. got a bunch of cows on it, but its a cool place..
    I will still hunt at bobs.. the new place is a little more kid friendly..
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    Kids in camo.. Ya' gotta love it !