Deep Sea Roundup 2008

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    The 73rd annual Deep Sea Roundup was held last weekend in Port A. I know some of you guys on this board normally fish the tournament but were on the Big E. Therefore, I thought you might be interested in some results. The weather sucked. I didn't enter the tournament, but did fish. We got caught in a horrible storm and didn't return until 9 that evening. We did have four dolphin bigger than the ones that placed.

    Despite bad weather, there was 757 people registered to compete. The piggy Perch contest for small children broke a record with more than 300 entered. A total of 34,374 vehicles rode the ferries from Thursday July 3rd to Sunday July 7th. Next years tournament will be July 9-12, 2009.

    All billfish were released. Here's some numbers on common fish that won. Weights are in pounds. These were 1st place fish.

    Amberjack 44.4
    Barracuda 37.0
    Blackfin tuna 18.2
    Bonito 9.5
    Dolphin 23.5
    Jackfish 20.5
    Kingfish 51.9
    Ling 52.7
    Mackerel 4.7
    Red snapper 18.9
    Wahoo 75.4
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    We set a new record for the Bill Horn Fishfry on Sunday also. Fed nearly 600 people, 50 higher than ever before. Great eats!