decent red snapper out of Freeport, TX

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    This is a lonely place :) ... here's some pics of a decent

    I've been blessed by the fish gods out of Freeport, TX
    again. The biggest one caught on my boat was 32 lb
    in August 2008. This one is 3rd largest

    This one was so big I can see him on my sonar as a
    distinct mark. My friend Chris caught this one on the
    bottom. I told him to watch for 'tap tap tap' of small fish
    vs. a single light pull of larger snap. Well, he listened,
    and on the second drop he pulls this one up after 15-20
    min fight on a Shimano Trinidad 14/St Croix Saltwater Premier
    6 MH; 80 lb leader, 65 lb PowerPro braid. Initially we
    thought it was a king by the way the fish take off running
    and dumping half of the TN-14. Towards the end of the
    fight I can tell it was a snapper by the way the rod bend in
    rapid successions then stop. This is Chris' first offshore
    trip and he's spoiled

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  2. bigscrnman

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    NICE!!! When are we going?

  3. Bret

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    Nice Snappy yall got there San!!!
  4. cabosandinh

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    let me know what your weekend schedules are for

    I am busy Nov. 20,21,22 (tuna fishing on the Big E)

    Bret, when are we fishing ? Need to learn some ropes
    from you :)
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    Nice catch! Pretty fish!