Deadsticking vs. Live Bait, what is more effective for Lake Texoma Striper

Discussion in 'Freshwater fishing reports' started by scubaarchery, Jan 2, 2021.

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    Just posted a video of the deadsticking trip from last weekend. Couple of key lessons learned:

    1. Thumper pulled in plenty of fish but catch the aggressive ones and move on. We thumped them in every stop but they didn't always bite.
    2. We used 2 oz weights and 4' flukes. They liked Chartreuse and Pearl on this day, we caught all of our sandbass on bait but the striper were 50/50 on bait and deadstick
    3. Super still baits were more effective, barely twitch them
    4. The bite was really like, crappie thump vs. striper slam
    5. We varied thumper speed with depth, slower in shallow water, faster in deeper...

    Enjoy the video!