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    Well seeing as how my work has been very slow of late I decided to give it another go on Friday. Went up and launched about 5:30 am. and headed over to the grounds. Man was it bumpier than forecasted. My back is absolutely killing me today. It ook us a little while to get over to the middle bank but arrived unscathed and ready for action. With all of the white cpas it was hard to see anything. We putted around for awhile jigging and following the birds but did not see any action. Then I heard Capt. Dom on the radio. So I hailed him and he quickly shot me some numbers so we headed off in his direction 8 mi. to go. We get on scene and there is nothing going on. Missed it again damn it. We hung around for a while and Dom did hook up a couple of times blind casting but we could not buy a bite. After quite a while of hanging around casting into nothingness we decided to move a bit south. While I was headin' south Dom calls me and tells me that his wife called and said they changed the forecast and it was supposed to blow bad in a little while. This did not sit well with me as we had already been beaten up pretty good so I stated heading towards Race Pt. and home. It was around 10:30-11:00 am. and I was not a happy camper to say the least. When we got to Race Pt. the wind had laid down nice and it was very calm.??????? We hung around a bit and then went inshore to try and salvage something bass fishing. Didn't get any bass and didn't mark any either. We worked around to Wood End and then headed out to the fishing ledge. Still nothing but I continued on undetered by the lack of fish or action. We went all the way up to the head of the bay looking for pushing schools of fish but never found any. We then headed over to Peaked Hill on more time in hopes of seeing some late afternoon feeding. But even the kite guy's were sleeping on their boats with no action at all. At that point I waved the white flag and headed to the barn.

    We did see Alloy Toy (John) and heard Capt. Curt as well, they sounded like they had a pretty good day 2 for 2 on pogies and another guy who was out on the water and in touch with me managed a nice 60" fish at the fishing ledge on his way in after we left. This is getting pretty discouraging I have to say. Always being a day late and a dollar short is getting old. But that is the tuna game and if you want to play you have to pay. It never did blow up weather wise so NOAA did it again. I should have stuck with the report they were right on the money again. Congrats Capt. Dom and crew you did well in very crappy conditions and very slow action. We wilol undoubtedly do it again.
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    I was thinking about you on Friday hoping it wasn't as windy for you on the Cape as it was back home. It was blowing pretty good here at one stretch. Even if it was lumpy, it is still better to be fishing than wishing like I was. But no bass either makes for a tough day and you have absolutely been putting in your time. Don't worry, you will be rewarded!