Daytime Tuna Popping

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    I thought I would share some of my experience with catching YFT on poppers.

    It all started one day about 15 years ago. We were trolling out of Oregon Inlet and I wanted to catch a bonito to bridle rig for a bigeye. There were some 150 -250lb fish being caught. We had not caught anything that morning, so I was looking for plan B.

    It was a calm July morning and I threw my popper ( an $8 Rebel PopR ) into the busting school of 5lb. bonitos as we trolled by. I didn't even slow the boat down, just thinking if I got one great.

    What happened was surprising. A 50lb yft came straight up out of the water with that popper in its mouth and one of the boys pulled the boat out of gear and we landed it. I went on to fill the boxes of that boat with YFT doing the same thing. Run up to the school of bonitos, I would sling the poppers, hook the fish and hand them off to the boys to land.

    We even had some bigeye bites, but a 150lb bigeye and 20lb penn spinning gear isn't a good match. We were using cheap spinners that we used for cobia casting, that happened to be on the boat. Nothing high quality like what is available today. Needless to say they all had to be rebuilt by the end of the day.

    But that is what started it for me. Sort of an accident. I have done it since, but it is seasonal for us here. July/August when its hot and calm. I'm guessing the silver and blue poppers resemble flying fish. The tunas often respond to a bait that is still/not moving.

    So there you have it. I wish I had pics of all the fish we caught doing that and may have some film pics stuffed somewhere. But here is a pic of the poppers we used. 5" long, silver sides, blue back, red cup face. Fished it with trebles and a shot of 60lb mono upgrading to flouro later on.

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    Good post,
    I was reading and thinking this is what got this man to this board.
    Then read paragraph 4-5, Yep He's Hooked:)