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  1. Minnow

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    This reel might be the answer to the COW tuna jigging reel.
    Want one? You better place an order now coz only 100 will be made. Price about $1500

    Left side cover, Handle arm, Handle shaft, and Drag stopper are the products made of titanium.
    The diameter of a gear shaft is 10mm. (A standard model is 8mm. )
    A drag tension can be adjusted according to a drag stopper attachment position.
    (The drag stopper attachment position of six places )
    If a handle is turned, drag power are up.
    It changes to the drag tension set up when the handle was returned to the stopper position.

    Model Gear Ratio Drag Weight Line capacity Ball bearing
    40HD 4.9 15-20kg 725g PE 8.0-280m 16

    50HD 4.9 15-20kg 760 PE 8.0-360m 16

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  2. ksong

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    27 oz reel with 33 - 44 lbs drag. Pretty impressive for a star drag reel.
    It looks it is possible to adjust drag while fighting with drag stopper sttachment position even it is a star drag reel. It will be a big help to shorten fighting time. But it is a little bit expensive. :)

  3. MrBill

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    If only 100 are made, I might consider buying one and leaving it in the box untouched. It will be a good investment. I bought 8 of the Penn International "6" size in the early 80's. I got them for $99 from a distributor that was getting rid of his inventory. Penn discontinued them because everybody loved the little size, but people were loading them with 30 to 50 pound line. The drags were only designed to take 7lbs of drag. People were pushing the reels up to 18lbs of drag and torquing out the reels spools and frame. These were not the solid milled frames of today. They were pieced together. Everybody was *****ing at Penn for making a inferior product. It was a great reel if you used it as intended by Penn.

    Five years ago, I sold 4 of the eight that were used by me for years catching inshore species. I got an average of $700 per reel on ebay. The other four were sitting in a closet untouched. I was offered $3800 for the set. I sold them.

    I think the price tag of $1500 is a little high for a one speed reel if you plan on using it. Also, how about parts and service down the road. Tackle collecting is a growing field. Look at some the prices for antique lures and reels. This might just be a smart investment. The only problem I see is if I die and the wife sells it at a garage sale for 25 bucks. I never leave a receipt in the box for fear she will discover how much some reels cost.

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    My worst fear is that my wife will sell my reels for what I told her I paid for them
  5. jureal

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    I see that we all have the same wife problems. :) :) :)
  6. Ragman

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    Except for TJ! LOL

    Rue knows everything... :p
  7. BretABaker

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    My worst fear is that my wife will sell my reels for what I told her I paid for them
  8. Pope

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    I waiting for all of you to die. Come over for dinner tonight!

  9. DeepBlueGulf

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    Anybody have any idea about the flat plate and bulge on the clicker side of the reel? Wondering if the reel has double drags, one on each side of the spool or something? Looks pretty interesting, but waayyy out of my budget range.

  10. royb

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    The bulge on the left side plate look very simaler to the side plate on the Daiwa Tournament Ishidai Z, which containes an electronic line counter.
  11. fishr1989

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    it's a digital line counter
    you can see the reset button on the left picture on the right of the bulde
  12. DeepBlueGulf

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    Thanks Fishr! That's way better than the line counter that stuck out really bad on the Shimanos!

    Still can't afford it though.

  13. fishr1989

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    nice to look at too. but way out of my budget
  14. VaRandy

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    a cow tuna reel really should have lugs on it...