Daiwa JDM Ryoga Available at Jigging World--and More!

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    DAIWA JDM RYOGA is now available at Jigging World in limited quantity!
    Unlike the previous JDM products that arrived in the US market,
    Ryoga C3000H comes with a 1-year Daiwa USA warranty!
    Our selection comes with Jigging World Aluminum Power Handle.
    You can get this $600+ value set for $499.99 at Jigging World while supply lasts.

    Jigging World Micro Jigging 1000H is BACK IN STOCK
    This time, in Silver/Gun Metal and Black/Gold.
    Add this powerful reel to your collection today: http://www.jiggingworld.com/micro-jigging-lever-drag-reels/

    Strategic Angler Nautilus and Frantic RESTOCK
    Nautilus Fast Sinking: Flying Fish, Naked Sardine, Green Mackerel
    Frantic: Night Flyer, Opelu, Hawaiian Goatfish -- ALL NEW COLORS
    Check out our Strategic Angler Lures collection here: http://www.jiggingworld.com/strategic-angler-lures/

    Looking for Summer lures and rigs?
    We received quite a few products in this week, including bait rigs, silicon skirt hooks, trailer hooks and more!
    Check them out at Jigging World today!