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Discussion in 'Reels' started by Minnow, May 9, 2006.

  1. Minnow

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    Daiwa Saltiga 6500 Expedition

    This reel is the tuned up model of the Saltiga Z series with a deep spool and round power knob.


    * Manual return bail system
    * Cam driven ball bearing supported oscillation
    * Water proof (knob, drag, gear box, titanium twist buster line roller)
    * Rotor brake in casting
    * Tough air bail wire
    * Floating pinion gear
    * Digital cut gear from material 1.6 times stronger than duralumin
    * 14+1 ball bearings
    * Perfect double stopper (infinite roller and mechanical)
    * One piece machined handle
    * Deep Spool
    * Round Power Knob

    Line Capacity:pE8/300m, PE6/400m
    Gear Ratio:4.3:1
    Weight: 29.1oz
    Bearing: 14+1
    Max Drag: 66 Pound (yes, you read it right)
    price around $700.00

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  2. Gunsmoke

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    I'm think about buying the new Z6500H "Dog Fight". Has anyone seen it in person. I like the stella 20K's and assume this is of the same quality. I haven't bought a daiwa product in 15 years. They really started cutting back on cheap gears in the mid 80's. I switched to shimano because they started out in the gear business. I still think they have the best gears. I know that daiwa and penn are trying their best to catch up and have finally started making some better grade reels.

  3. ksong

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  4. Gunsmoke

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    That ZeeBaas ZX series has a case of the ugly's. It seems like they could at least polish off the casting marks for 1300 bucks. You won't see one of those hanging in my fishing room.
  5. Still Smokin

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    Where can I get one of these? I have heard about them, but never seen one in person.
  6. Pescador

    Pescador Member

    I've got one of these on order - direct from Japan.:)
    Several companies over there will pay the shipping and offer a good deal into the bargin.;)
    I suggest that anyone wanting genuine japanese made gear to go direct to the scource, use ebay or inet search.
    Watch out cus I shall certainly test that drag tho,:eek: at least up to what I can apply without a harness.
    My Diawa Saltiga Z4500 is light years ahead of anything I've ever seen in spinning/jig reels (that includes the new Accurate) and this is what made up my mind for the 6500Exp.

    The way I look at it the price I'm paying is an investment in my future pleasure, and it will outlast me thats for sure!
    Hold tight and watch this space.:cool:
  7. fishterrorizer

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    yea these reels really blow the accurates out of the water kinda pricy though but definetly smooth like ky. hey I heard from my cousins uncles best frends bro that breitling was going to make spinning reels too....
  8. berniek

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    this is what make it so hard trying to decide on new gear. You get your Daiwa enthusiasts, you get your Shimano enthusiasts and you get your Accurate enthusiasts! Anyone want to put in a plug for the Zeebaas?

    I've had a friend telling me the Accurate he is now using is better than his 6500. Oh boy...... :confused:

    In terms of the largest sizes, I've got the 20000 Stella and the 6500DF and while there are little things between them, I can't say that one is much better than the other.
  9. MrBill

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    The only problem I've heard about the big size saltiga's is broken off stem's above the reel seats at the thin section. I noticed that Daiwa is now filling in the holes of the stem shaft with brass inserts. I gather this might solve some of the problems. I guess it's to expensive to recast a stronger housing. Other than that, the saltiga is a fine reel.

    I have not seen or handled the Zeebass. Melton's carries them. It should be a nice reel for the asking price. It looks like a Military issue reel.
  10. mcgolfer

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    i have the daiwa, accurate and shimano spinners in the sizes that are being discussed here. i currently fish all 3. i prefer the daiwa's over the stella's but it's just a feel thing and only for casting. the accurate feels a little bulkier in my hands but once i am hooked up to a fish that reel instills me with confidence. the drags are smooth and i feel if i ever land a big tuna on a spinner i would want the accurate to be in my hands when it happens. i have even started to use the accuate as a chunk reel with 80lb spectre and a 50lb flourocarbon leader. i caught 4 on this outfit chunking on my last trip and although they were small 60 to 90lbs that reel when combined with a 50/80 graphite spinning rod got those tuna to the boat fast. now if i had to have only one of the 3 it would be the accurate due to the fact that i prefer to fish heavier gear. now if i was in a casting contest the daiwa would be my go to outfit but only because of the way it fits my large hands......rick
  11. Pescador

    Pescador Member

    Got my 6500Exp at last.

    Tried to fill it with PE8 Varivas Jigging........and it only held 200m......sh#$!!!
    I got 3 spools of the stuff from Japan cuz the spec. said it would take 300m.

    Well guys it doesn't - even if you wind it on rock hard.

    Has anyone filled this reel with 300m of metred jig line?
    If so what manufacturer made it?
  12. Ragman

    Ragman Moderator

    Hey Pescador!

    What's the diameter of the PE8 Varivas?

    On my Stella`8000 I was able to get 300 yards of 65# JB spectra, but isn't the 6500EXP in the same class as the Stella 10000?
  13. JackStraw

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    You only need one spool of the color coded jigging line. Spool the reel with 50lb tuf-line/power pro and then top it off with your spool of PE line. You also may want to go with PE6....I would have this done by someone who has a lot of experience spooling these lines. That reel should hold close to 400 yards if you use this method. If you need 80lb stuff then you will be closer to 300yards.
  14. Pescador

    Pescador Member

    Ragman - I can't measure the diameter of Varivas PE8 with a micrometer, it keeps getting squashed flat(ish). No diameter on the spool either.
    Dunno about Shimano/Diawa reel comparisions, cus I just dont see any big Stellas.
    JackStraw - I'm deeeeeeeeep jiggin, so 3 spools are required, well 2 1/2 anyways.
    I've got 1200metres of PE5 on order so that should do it eh?
    Got to fill 2 x 6500Exp's now, so I'll post how much I have remaining when its done.
    Yes - don't worry, I've filled way too many reels with spectra/dyneema (I started with Cabela's Ripcord in late '70s) and follow the advice of the real spectra expert, John Rowe (ex Izorline).
    When you've hand cranked 1500metres of 135lb onto a pair of 130's you really find out how good your winding technique is - believe me!
    Just had a spare 6500 Exp spool delivered and its marked 400m PE8 on the box but 300 of PE6 on the spool, hows that for a #&"$## up!
  15. Pescador

    Pescador Member

    Here we go again!

    I have put 300metres of PE5 Ultra Jigman onto the 6500Exp spool, and could have put on another 20-30 max.
    This line tests out at 60/65lb so thats what I'll work with for now.
    The genuine 6500Exp spare spool in the Diawa factory box has the capacity printed as 300metres of PE8, sorry my mistake.

    Anyone what a deal on 300m of unused PE8 Varivas metred jig line? PM if interested.