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Cypress Springs (east Texas near Mt Vernon)

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Wife and I went down saturday night and stayed in the camper. We fished sunday for 3-4 hours with about 30-40 crappie. We kept 10 of the larger ones (13-15"). They were all over the shallow pillars on the ends of the bridge. Wasnt much action on the brushpiles- just a ton of 6-7" babies... LOL!! Its kinda amusing when I catch smaller fish like that and think "man... some good AJ bait!!" LOL! :D
Reluctantly came home and started the "work week cycle" over again... Come on Lotto Texas!!!!!:cool:
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we went back last weekend... we fished all over saturday with 10 keepers for a half day... then sunday we spent a good 6 hours under the bridge.. the wind had them stacked in one position under the bridge... we caught 25 keepers and called it a day. we were catching 4-5 smaller ones per each keeper- so it was a VERY exciting day!!! heres the catch before bagging them up for the freezer.... LOL!

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wait until Benbrook kicks off... Double what you see above in less than 4 hours....
you and Pope, and little man- have a seat in the boat.. i will handle all of us. I will contact yall when it kicks off. Little man is gonna have to fish this time though.. lol.
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