Cutting or needle point hooks?

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    Hey fellas need some opinions here to settle a friendly dispute down at the local proshop.

    What prompted the dispute is the point shape on the Mustad Southern Tuna hook (#7691S) which to some find it is a bit square at the base of the barb and the inconsisent grinding of the "face" (surface between the barb and point).

    Some argued that a regriding the point to a cutting point (similar to the face of a Owner cutting point) allowed for the least amount of resistance during penetration compared to a needle-style point. Others including myself argued that too much removal of the steel at the "face" would compromise point integrity and hence, prefer a needle point.

    I've even taken some Mustad 7691S and ground them to a "wedge" shape where the sides of the point are ground parallel to the barb, the "face" flattened. That leaves the point with 2 edges lines going up to the barb.

    I really don't have any scientific method to test the amount of resistance the hook points encounter during penetration. But I suspect a knife-edge style point would exhibit the least amount of resistance on entry (the size 9/0 and 10/0 7691S have the knife edge point straight out of the box) but due to less material at the point, maybe the weakest.

    Granted, bottom line is whatever you have most confidence in, but curious minds wanna know!