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Discussion in 'Tackle and Rigging' started by hatidua, Aug 15, 2008.

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    I've had a lot of things custom-made in the past (boats, pistols, rods, etc) and occasionally things don't turn out nearly as well as hoped. Well, I received a FedEx tube today containing two custom-wrapped rods and I was VERY VERY IMPRESSED! I've had my share of custom rods in the past and these are as nice as I've had.

    A number of months ago, Forum member "Anuvat" posted some photos of a Smith 80P/35 blank that he had wrapped himself. I posted that "this doesn't look like the first rod you've wrapped" - gross understatement but Andy and I have been emailing back and forth for a while so I wasn't too worried how it would be taken online.

    A while back I took a rod of his to Mexico and fished it. He'll have to fill in the details but it had a really nice action to it. Anyhow, I'm into "spares" so he wrapped two for me, one is rated PE3-6 and the other is rated PE4-8. As I like uniformity, the only distinguishing feature between them is one reddish/gold thread on one where a bluish/silver thread is on the other and an extra blue stripe on one butt near the gimbal.

    For those that can appreciate very nicely wrapped rods, here's a peek at my two new rods (please direct all questions to Anuvat, he knows the details, I just want to fish 'em!) -

  2. ichibahn

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    Great job Andy !!!!
    Love those Matagi ring, it took me months to order those kind of rings.

  3. hatidua

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    Let's just say I know who is going to be wrapping all my future custom rods ;)
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    Those two rods are off the charts nice!
  5. Capt Richie

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    Let's just say I know who is going to be wrapping all my future custom rods ;)

    If your happy with his work stay with him..The more rods he make for you..The better he gets at knowing what you want...:)

    They look great & smith is a good blank........
  6. txseadog

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    Very nice detail.
  7. Pope

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    Extremely nice detail. All the way to the grips. Good job!
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    Beautiful rods!!