Custom or Production?

Discussion in 'Rods and Rod Blanks' started by tdwcapt, Mar 28, 2009.

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    It used to be that if you wanted real quality in offshore fishing tackle, your best bet was a custom built rod. Back in the 70's and early 80's companies like Fenwick and Sabre were building rods that, by today's standards wouldn't get more than $50 off the rack.

    Then, some west coasters started upping the ante' by building "production" rods with custom quality. Star Rods came into their own at about the same time and saw mammoth success with this formula.

    As a matter of practicality, I don't see much of a reason to buy a custom rod anymore (other than for looks) when you can buy factory rods with the same top end components that were an upgrade years ago on custom sticks.

    I was at FTU the other day, fondling a factory Calstar for my Trini40n. While examining the rod, I thought to my self that this rod at $200+ would have been a much more expensive custom rod 20 or more years ago.

    What say you?
  2. kidflex

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    i personally dont like the looks of a factory built calstar or most rods as a matter of fact. factory japanese tackle look pretty pimped out doesnt need to be customized (even the plain ol' carpenters). nowadays customs can be made for the same price as factory built rods. i was talking with paul (paul708) and his prices are very good. i can get a custom seeker, JM or oti for the same as ordering one from a store. i think i will get some more custom rods made in the near future.

  3. d-a

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    Its hard to beat a custom rod built with the quality components you need. I have seen many semi custom rods that look like a custom rod till you find out they didnt use quality guides or blanks.

    Besides the grip, high quality guides and blank there's not much else. They are some manufactures that build rods with the components I desire, but not many. OTI is one that comes to mind.

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    I build my own Custom Rods, so almost all my gear is custom. However, I have to agree with you. For the most part almost anything you would get in a custom rod you can find in a high end factory rod nowadays. Companies like OTI are facilitating this. There are a few exceptions. I do a lot of deep water jigging (sometimes in excess of 100 fathoms) for Cod and Hake in the Summer and Fall, and there is absolutely no factory rod that I have ever found that is built to do this properly. My customs that I have built to do this were cut down from 11' 6" one piece Lamiglas Graphite Surf rod. They are light, but have the length (8 feet) a stiff enough tip and enough backbone to work 16 oz. jigs in 600 feet of water. Just one example I could think of where customs are still the only game in town.
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    i do like it when the high end factory rods are over 3 and 400:D
    it makes it easier for us to compete with the prices.

    i like cutting blanks to find the right uses.
    i just cut a seeker 909 and a lami C909 for deepwater jigging.
  6. ty2philly

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    For my money OTI seem to be the best thing going. High end components, attention to detail and craftmanship. And most importanly a price that is very reasobable combined with an incredible warranty and customer service.

    The one time I needed a warranty replacement TJ was very helpful and made sure I was a very happy customer. With that in mind I look forward to purchasing the new 400g jigging rod when released; hopefully with Fuji "PSS Palm Support Reel Seat" this time (hint, hint).