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I've been working on some homemade poppers to go along with my new vertical jig venture. I found the guy to turn the bodies by mistake on ebay and he made me some custom stuff. He uses solid PVC or several choices of wood, but I choose the PVC due to the fact that even when slightly damaged it will not absorb water into the wood.

I bought the stainless steel thru-wire from Barlows Tackle Shop here in Dallas and the rest of the hooks and hardware from Bass Pro and Fishin' World.

This is their 1st coats of paint. I will add some designs and eyes to them. I would have liked to have done some more varieties of colors, but I wanted to make some with what I had before going out on a bunch of different colors. They are supposed to be Dorado and Flying Fish.

Water bottle for scale.

The tricky part is getting the weight added properly to make them sit the way I want. I will make the needle nose shaped lures face opposite directions so that I can see the best way to rig them in the future.

I will continue posting my progress as I finish more steps.

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those look good. the one on the far right in the last pic looks promising. keep us posted on your progress. how much do the bodies weigh?

They are a little heavier than the wood blanks I've worked with in the past. I don't have a scale though to weigh them. Once they're weighted and have the hardware installed, they should cast a mile.

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yea i had planned on trying some of the large tube-like freshwater weights. i don't know exactly what type of fishing they're made for cause i really don't keep up with all the new bass stuff, but they're basically the same as those tail weights.

these are just the 1st ones i've ordered so i want to make them all a little different so that i can go with what works best in the future.

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Does the PVC Float??


From my dealer:

Hi Brice... glad you like them. Knew ya would! As far as sheer strength, the PVC will not snap like wood. It has a very small amount of flex (you cannot see it in lures your size), but in smaller diam. blanks, you can actually bend it very slightly. That is great news because the shock of a huge fish's strike is absorbed somewhat, unlike wood which could snap. A 3/4" square stick of pvc will only bend around when bent like your trying to break it! It really is AMAZING! And it takes quite a bit of force to bend just a small diam. stick like that. I feel the PVC is superior to even hard maple, ash, hickory.... all the toughest woods, yet it is easy to drill, cut, etc.... (a PAIN to turn, but it's worth it!). As far as crush, well, it cannot be actually crushed. I laminate the 3 pieces of PVC together with industrial adhesive, then crush them together in an 8 ton pressure pinch roller. Rest assured, Brice... I have been making lure blanks for a LONG time, and this stuff really has me impressed, and it takes alot to do that. Shoot some email pics my way as you get some close to/completed. Thanks again! Todd

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Well I've got them all to the final coating stage but only had enough Flex Coat for one body.

Here they are after the final coat of paint and sparkle.

And here is the one that I was able to epoxy.

I added my old comapny's logo to them, but it was freehand and I am NOT an artist by any means!! I need Augs to go in with me so that he can paint them up professionally!! :cool:

It took some ordering and re-ordering to get all the proper materials to fit together and also to know what order to do everything. Now that I have all the materials and know what to do, I can knock these things out alot quicker and at a fraction of the retail prices.

They'll never look as good as the ones from OTI, but I really like making things myself. The verticle jigs are next!!! Can't wait to throw them.

Let me know if you guys are interested at all in a parts list.

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whats the final weight?

Here they are compared to a few of my other poppers. The weight feels very similar to the Komodo. I still don't have a gram or ounce scale to get exact numbers.

I am definately going to switch from the 325# to the 500# ss thru-wire on the next batch, but none of the hardware is rated below 300#'s. Hooks are the Owner ST-66 in 3/0 (same as Komodo)

Next time i will also drill some holes through the popper's cupped face so that it throws some spray like the Williamson.

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Those look pretty good red, good work. Go ahead and post up the parts list if you get a chance. What's the final cost on one of the poppers after everything is all said and done?

All these prices are approximated due to tax and shipping, but I calculated them to cost me about $13 per lure. Saving $$ was only a very small part of the equasion, the main goal was to produce something that looked quazi-professional and keep me busy in the winter and inbetween fishing trips.

Here's what I used:

PVC Lure Body
AFW SS Wire 325# (switching to 500# next time)
Spro Swivel 2/0 550#
Owner ST-66 3/0 Treble Hooks
HD Split Rings
Nose and Belly Gromets
Tail Weight
Some sort of Eye
Assortment of spray paint
Flex Coat Low Build

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Very cool,
I apreceiate those that build something and having it hold up and work.

I still remember the first haywire twist steel leader that I made

and landed Kingfish. It was MY leader.... 1962 Cameron La 1st -2nd grade:)


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very nice work!, if this ebay seller the same guy as "todd" that was mentioned on another diy popper thread?

I was thinking of making some for billfish and just had a leader running through the popper to a hook at the back so the lure is free to slide along the main line when connected to the fish, could this be possible with these blanks?
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