Cure for line cuts?

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    All very interesting BUT
    the pulling technique vs pumping is necessary because pumping with a soft action rod is extremely inefficient. too much effort is expended in bending the rod & substantial arc is required to recover sufficient line for the rod reflex on winding to actually get line on the reel.
    Like just about everything in fishing .............there is a compromise to mitigate the weakest link in the powertrain of human body & equipment.
    With the human body the wrist forces are quite weak in the average fit person, cranking leverage is affected by gear ratio & handle length...........lower gear rartios help & longer handles help , but the effort ratio is still low & the power available from the angler thru shoulder & elbow is not great.
    Much more power is available from bicep at the angle it is when pumping & from backstraps & thighs.............pump & wind enables a longer arc of movement to be achieved & more line recovery available per pump & wind with a strong parabolic actioned rod. With a typical relatively long butt the leverage ratio on a strong parabolic actioned rod is not very high. cranking power on the reel is not so critical when pumping as when pulling.
    pulling is a compromise technique when the rod used is soft actioned............its not the most efficient technique when the rod used has sufficient power to effectively pump & wind.
    He He............remember why we are 'slow pitching'.............. less lure acceleration & deceleration in the pump stroke & less actual lure movement distance per pump................ the rod needed to do that is very parabolic ( not necessarily the tip , but certainly the mid & butt section). its that rod action & power that breeds the compromise in the fighting technique............its certainly not the best,most efficient technique, for everything.
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    Very well said denis


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    All I know. Get a grouper swimming towards you on the bite and you have a chance. Pump and risk having him turn and burn on the drop. Once they turn and big enough. Don’t care if you’re the Hulk. The reels we fish don’t have enough drag and if you lock up with less than 80 mono that line will pop. Use braid and there’s not enough shock properties or the leader just to short to provide and that pops even quicker.

    I can crank 25# AJs with ease. Have cranked 30# gags and 25# blacks. I agree. Your cranking power is limited but I’ve yet to see any bend a rod on a big black and be able to keep its head up on the drop. Why you don’t see many big groupers caught over rocks or ledges. They’re there. Beating us up. Seen lots come up all scraped up from the rock they got stuck. I just don’t have the patience to wait them out. For me they just sit there gills flared, smirking and laughing their ass off. :(

    Regardless, my advice was as an option to line rub. I’ve never had braid tear my fingers up using this approach. Have had my elbows crushed on rails fishing heavier mono and getting pinned from having too much drag. Something always has to give and I often get bit when not paying attention or just that moment I decided to scratch that itch. What a bitch. :)
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    Cranking is cranking.............whatever line tension you can crank when pulling you can crank when pumping & winding.
    The issue in losing control of the head is technique..............
    - cranking the rod down from the top of the stroke......not dropping the rod & winding slack !!!!!
    - short stroking..................short stroking is the pump & wind equivalent to pulling !!!!!!.

    not trying to be argumentative..........just getting the relevant facts straight.
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    betadine or hydrogen peroxide on the cuts. get some thin UV Sun gloves the freshwater bass guys are wearing. thin and doesn't affect your touch sensitivity. just enough to keep the line from jacking up the epidermis

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    Most I’ve seen trying to crank on down stroke are too slow. By the time they get ready to lift that grouper already getting comfy in its hole. ;)
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    I saw someone using one of these once. It was quite a conversation piece, everyone on the boat asked him about it. Anyway, he seemed to be having fun with it. All the best, john

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    Guy with the yellow rod in the foreground ?
    No idea what rod.

    Maybe ask the guy in the blue shirt with the belly bumper/rest
    right behind him,
    that is GARRIGA, he might know what rod it is.


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    I know what it is not. Donkey hunter. Good thing for some had they been on that trip. My rod? Yeah. Not good to donkeys. Whips their ass, often.
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    Thought you would know.
    Well, we all know the pink rods are Barbie Rods,
    maybe the guy was fishing with a TweetyBird Rod ?

    I agree with you, the Barbie and Tweety models are
    not strong enough for reef donkeys and other assorted
    go big bad boys.
    For them, you need to go big and strong,
    I recommend this model :)

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    If I were a snowflake. That’s what I would use. :)