CTFB Big E Sept15-17th 52 hour Charter List and information

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    Ok, we got the charter final crew in place. We talked to those that expressed an interest and those that wanted to join.
    We got a few things to get going on to make this trip a success.
    1. The CTFB charter will be posted on the 2cool and 360tuna.com fishing forums only. We are consolidating where to get updated information, and post information and questions. We won't be running around 5-6 forums looking for replies. The TFF has Cinco tuna as well and we don't want to mix these threads too much.
    2. We need emails from the group going. If someone is responsible for a group, such as Bellyup, and jt2hunt, then either make sure our information gets to the group you are responsible for, or give them our email: [email protected] and make sure they know we'll need quick repsonse to the our emails. 35 people make up this group and everyone of them is equally important.
    3. We have email addresses for Bellyup, minnows, mike inwoodlands, snagged, mystery guest, alw, galveston1602, Cat O'Lies, Wahoo-Yahoo, firstboatboy, jeffK, Stxfisherman, DBG, and starshine. We need email addresses from mudskipper, T3, Skawlded Dog, and from anyone of the multiple party group that would like to see emails directly from us. This is very important to make sure information is sent out quickly and we get responses back in a timely manner.
    4. We will be doing charter specific information and questions through emails, and general information, suggestions, and questions regarding tuna or other deep water fishing is perfectly fine being posted on 2cool and 360tuna threads. What this means is contact us directly with charter specific needs. General stuff can be posted just fine. We may not see a post for a few days, but a call or email will be seen by someone here that day and most of time immediately.
    5. Y'all have less than three months until the trip, so we need to get stuff answered and lined up. This stuff will be done by email as we just don't have much time. The email information will be flowing fast and furious starting on Friday June 23rd, 2006.
    6. There has been suggestions to change the name of the trip from CTFB Big E trip to something else. We are fine with that, we just need a name change that everyone is cool with, and yes you can post a suggestion. We are partial to Texas Bluewater Blowout '06 or Texas Bluewater Blowup '06. But we are fine with other suggestions.
    7. Not to harp too much, but email or call us at (210) 215-3877, PM's and posting may not get you answered for a long time.
    Hope folks will follow our requests to make this trip a success.
    This is the current list of people going. We will make name changes in afew days to identify the specific people.
    BTW, ask for Willie if you call. That's me.

    CTFBC Big E 52 hour trip 2006

    September 15-17th, 2006

    • Deep Blue Gulf- $350
    • starshine -$350
    • Bellyup- $350
    • Bellyup- $350
    • Bellyup- $350
    • Bellyup- $350
    • Bellyup- $350
    • Bellyup- $350
    • Bellyup- $350
    • mike in woodlands-$300
    • mike in woodlands-$300
    • T3-$300
    • T3-$300
    • T3-$300
    • Skawlded Dog- $300
    • StxFisherman-$338
    • Mudskipper-$585
    • Mudskipper-$585
    • jt2hunt-$350
    • jt2hunt-$350
    • jt2hunt-$350
    • jt2hunt-$350
    • Minnows-$500
    • RueHoo-$500
    • Mystery Guest-$360
    • Cat O’ Lies- $350
    • Cat O’ Lies-$350
    • alw-$300
    • alw-$300
    • ghenderson -$388.33
    • ghendrson-$388.33
    • ghenderson-$388.33
    • Wahoo-Yahoo- yes
    • Galveston1602-yes
    • Snagged –yes
    Wahoo-Yahoo buddy
    Charlene K
    Robert T

    As always, if you have any questions, please email [email protected] or call us (210) 215-3877 anytime.
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    Excellent looking trip!

    All of you responsible for providing info to your group, take the time and make everyone contact TOO directly with an email and phone contact info. It will make your life a lot easier as the trip nears!

    Someone needs to step up and take the lead as the main point person (Chartermaster if you will) or the trip needs to nominate someone.

    Believe me, it will only ensure that all of the little stuff is taken care of!