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Hi folks, we have $9,200 on hand from the 25 people below as of now and 3 deposits supposedly on the way for a total of 28 committed to the trip.
We (T.O.O.) will cover the balance of $800 remaining and have mailed a check to Captain Elliott's today. We will call and reconfirm the dates and post that it is a go.
We have until August 24th, 2006 to either reach 35 people at a cost of $585 per person for a total of $20,000 for the cost of the charter or a lower number at a higher cost. We will let the group committed to consider a lower number than 35 if we are not at 35 people on August 1st, 2006.
August 24th, 2006 is the dealine for the final payment based on 35 people going. That is the cancellation deadline for this charter.
We have two months to fill the last 7 spots.
We will be sending emails to everyone that has committed to the trip and paid with information, suggestions, and options for this charter.
The following is those that have paid along with the three who have a payment on the way. If someone wants to go please contact us at [email protected] or at (210)215-3877 and upon your commitment and payment you'll be on this charter. Do understand a commitment means a check in the mail the next day so it gets to us within a couple of days or payment through paypal, even though we do not like to see people use paypal, to secure your spot. Telling us you are in and not paying in a timely fashion will bnot secure you a spot.
There are 7 spots open and if we do not receive a payment for the three below within a few days we will fill 10 spots.

CTFBC Big E 52 hour trip 2006
September 15-17th, 2006

1. Deep Blue Gulf- $350
2. starshine -$350
3. Bellyup- $350
4. Bellyup- $350
5. Bellyup- $350
6. Bellyup- $350
7. Bellyup- $350
8. mike in woodlands-$300
9. mike in woodlands-$300
10. T3-$300
11. T3-$300
12. T3-$300
13. Skawlded Dog- $300
14. StxFisherman-$338
15. Mudskipper-$585
16. Mudskipper-$585
17. jt2hunt-$350
18. jt2hunt-$350
19. jt2hunt-$350
20. jt2hunt-$350
21. Minnows-$500
22. RueHoo-$500
23. Mystery Guest-$360
24. Cat O’ Lies- $350
25. Cat O’ Lies-$350

Deposits on the way:
Papermouth 67-yes
Bud12 â€"yes

i have 2 other trips on the big e this year and a long trip on the possession limit so i don't think i can squeeze another trip in but who knows. i might be a late arrival.

my boat partners bought a 26ft diesel panga from a guy named arlon. you can see pictures of it on the 2 cool for sale board. boat has about 450 miles of range and is a single engine...rick
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