Crew for Sunday Needed

Discussion in 'Boat Pooling' started by bighead, Sep 14, 2006.

  1. bighead

    bighead Senior Member

    Russ and I plan to head out of ICM Sunday morning bright and early and would like one or two pleasant fishermen to join us. Depending on seas may also go for a short day on Monday. Boat is a 26 cat with plenty of safety equipment. We'll be staying inside of 50 miles and targeting the usual bottom fish, kings, dorado, or whatever turns up. Expences will be split evenly, we usually burn 50 or 60 gallons so fuel would be around 40-50 if four go. Also share ice, bait, and boat wash. I can provide tackle if needed. This is a alcohol free trip. Call me at 214-733-7691 if you would like to go. Bert
  2. ALW

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    Would like to go, but on the BigE this weekend. I have all the offshore gear and tackle. I run out in my boat sometimes but stay within 20 to 30 mi. Keep me in mind if you go another time.

  3. mcgolfer

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    it might be a little rough on monday but in a cat sunday might be doable. good luck on your trip and i hope you guys slay the fish....rick
  4. bighead

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    Thanks Rick, NOAA called for 2's and 3's this morning and then turned worse this afternoon. If the forecast of 4's and 5's doesn't change we'll probably stay home and look to next week. Bert