Costa Rica Inshore Fishing Report - Jan 2018

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    This time of year most of the fishing reports from Costa Rica focus on the offshore fishing and astounding billfish numbers, but we know there are plenty of anglers who aren’t interested in deep sea trolling all day. Popping, jigging, casting rapalas - that's hands on fishing. In Costa Rica so many captains want to troll for billfish because it's actually easier and any tourist that catches their first sailfish is bound to leave a good tip, so the trick is knowing the handful of skilled captains that specialize in and enjoy the inshore and bottom fishing.

    Costa Rica is one of the best places in the world for inshore fishing with a rocky coastline dotted with islands and river mouths, and with a fairly strict ‘catch-and-release’ policy on all roosterfish there are plenty of fish for everyone. We put 23 different Central America Fishing anglers on roosterfish last month alone, many of them their first ever.

    A lot of the roosters this month were small, weighing under 15 lbs, we like to call those 'pollitos' as opposed to a real "pez gallo". There were certainly several 30-50 lb trophies however, and we expect that trend to increase as the season goes on. Most days would only produce a 2-3 roosters, and some days none at all, but there were a few days of 10-20 bites and several of our anglers completed double hook ups. Many anglers were able to catch roosters on a popper, which is an unbelievable experience when you see that comb come up behind your lure right before they strike.

    In addition we also saw plenty of the other usual inshore suspects like jacks, mackerel, barracuda, needlefish, and a variety snapper. The Pacific snook haven't shown up yet in big numbers, but we've been graced the presence of a few rare fish like tripletail, a pompano, and one of the biggest milkfish I’ve ever seen. Bottom fishing we’ve had snowy grouper, broomtail grouper, lots of mullet snapper the last two weeks, cubera snapper and one trophy goliath grouper caught by CAF angler Mike from New York. Below are some of the best single days reports from last month:

    Jan 4 & 6 – Scott from Canada – 3 roosterfish including a double hook-up, 1 sierra mackerel, 25 lb snook
    Jan 8 – Captain Willy in Drake Bay on a half day – 2 roosters, 2 jacks, 1 wahoo
    Jan 12 – Robert from Austria in Quepos – 1 sierra mackerel, 1 barracua, 3 jack crevalle
    Jan 13 – Rader group from Texas – 2 roosterfish, 1 barracuda, 1 jack crevalle, 20 lb cubera snapper
    Jan 13 – Hilty group from Pittsburgh, PA fishing at Los Suenos – 11 roosterfish & 4 jack crevalle
    Jan 14 – Veldman group from Chicago at Los Suenos – 3 roosters (double hook-up), 1 mackerel, 1 cubera, jacks
    Jan 14 – Mike from New York fishing at Los Suenos – 2 roosters and beautiful trophy 60 lb goliath grouper
    Jan 18 – Wynn group from Ohio on a half day in Quepos – 3 roosterfish fish, 2 jack crevalle, 1 needlefish
    Jan 18 – Captian Carlos at Los Suenos – 15 for 26 on roosterfish plus 2 barracudas
    Jan 19 – Captain Willy in Drake Bay – 3 roosters, 4 lane snapper, African Pompano, 1 rock snapper
    Jan 19 – Mike from New York – 3 roosters including some on popper, barruda, jack
    Jan 20-21 – Fair group from Mexico – 4 roosters, 3 barracuda, 3 mackerel, 1 snapper
    Jan 24 – Captain Willy in Drake Bay – 4 roosters, 40 lb cubera snapper, 1 dorado
    Jan 25 – Captain Carlos at Los Suenos – 3 cubera snapper and 10 mullet snapper bottom fishing
    Jan 26 – Captain Carlos at Los Suenos – 5 cubera snapper, 15 mullet snapper, and one dorado
    Jan 30 – Captain Mike at Los Suenos – 3 large snowy grouper, couple amberjacks, cubera, and one congrio

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    Thanks so much for this report on the truly remarkable fishing yall have down there. Still looking to hopefully get a cubera off my list this year.

    Capt. Josh