CONTOUR-The Best Action Camera For Capturing Videos For The Sportsman!

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    The Best Action Camera For Capturing Videos For The Sportsman!

    When i first started sharing my videos on mostly fishing i asked fellow YouTuber Joe Olivas "WWJ" of Kauai which unit he uses since i had issues with my GoPro at that time. Joe steered me into using Contour & since then i've been a loyal user. For a guy like me who isn't "tech" savvy to use a action camera with no problems is a miracle!

    Months ago Contour announced the soon to be release Contour 4K.
    4k Ultra HD @ 30 fps
    1080 HD @ 120fps
    Waterproof up to 30 ft/10m
    150 wide angle lens
    12 MP photos in JPEG
    270 Rotating Lens
    Laser Leveler
    Internal Battery – 60 minutes of continuous in 4k
    Internal Microphone
    Built in wi fi and companion ios and Android App
    Compatible with all Contour Mounts
    Universal Mount Adaptor

    To be released soon. Also the CONTOUR4K APP for IOS-
    Remote Control with Live Preview
    Control Camera Settings
    Bluetooth and Wifi
    Download and share photos and videos through your smartphone

    I contacted Contour to confirm this released & if i'm still under sponsorship to receive a Beta unit for testing. Not only am i still on the list but Contour sent me 2 brand new units to help tide me over by replacing my current Roam 2 & 3. I was having audio glitches but performed the Contour Firmware free Updates available at-

    Years back i did an unboxing & reviews on these units.
    Contour Roam2-
    Contour Roam3-
    And additional updates at_

    It doesn't matter that i'm sponsored by Contour, what matters is i'd still be using Contour Action Cameras over over brands like GoPro because for what i do it's the correct unit for me. If you are using another type of video styled camera & are happy with it, stick with it. As long as your unit satisfies your needs there's no reason to change. But when you do decide for another look at other units please consider Contour Action Cameras. The new Contour4 should be out soon & i'll be putting out a video on it's unboxing.


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    I guess it's the correct wording. Contour won't say you're sponsored but as long as you use their products that they can monitor, and they like what they see, they'll keep helping you out when software/hardware issues arrive to trying new units. I'm kinda unique that i use their units from sand to boulders & lava fields day or night. This type of terrain & conditions brings a uniqueness in field operations. I've recently been experiencing software issues (audio) since a year of my usage is like 10-15yrs for a normal person. The firmware upgrades worked but they still sent me new units so it doesn't interrupt my filming.
    I've been doing this all my life & will never learn it all. Just happy to share what i do know.