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Discussion in '360 Degrees Lounge' started by awesum, Aug 19, 2009.

  1. awesum

    awesum Senior Member

    Hey computer Gurus ....

    For some reason all of a sudden beginning about 2 months ago I have been unable to view images on this site with Firefox. Also the icons for reply, quote do not appear. Nor do any avatars.

    I suspect this began after Firefox did an automatic update. Something needs to be unblocked but I don't have a clue.

    Any help is appreciated.:)

    Everything works fine with IE.;)

  2. Bill Fisher

    Bill Fisher Senior Member

    allow cookies?..... maybe

    any problems w/other sites?

  3. shanker

    shanker Senior Member

    You might be in Editor mode or something...I use Opera, and that is a feature for faster browsing, that it will not download/cache images.

    If you were using Opera I'de tell you exactly where to click to change it back, but I dont use firefox...sorry.

    Do a google search, you'll more than likely find a quick fix
  4. lordhell

    lordhell Moderator

    Same thing happened to me, I've switched back to IE 8 for now.
  5. VaRandy

    VaRandy Site Sponsor

    It was after allowing them to offer updates. I moved back to IE and when I had a chance uninstalled firefox and reinstalled and did NOT take any update suggestions. Working fine for now.
  6. awesum

    awesum Senior Member

    Hey guys ... thanks for the suggestions and to Jared for the PM.

    I seem to have it working for now after uninstalling and reinstalling firefox.
  7. feeder

    feeder Senior Member

    Cool. Glad to hear that Bobby. Can you see the attached image?

    I'm pretty sure others are having the same issue Bellyup. Better post more test images to make sure everything is working :D