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Discussion in 'Rods and Rod Blanks' started by FirstNationRods, Jun 21, 2008.

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    I have just bought a Seeker 6465H. It is a new-vintage blank from the original is still in the plastic wrap and in perfect condition.It is a Honey color.

    I have built several rods over the past couple of years . But for this one I need a bit of advise.

    I live in the Seattle area but fish more in Canada and Alaska.

    what guides, reel seat and Butt?/

    Has anyone done an Acid Wrap with this? I will try and post a ouple of pix of my other rods.


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    I have a Seeker Extreme Blue EX CJBF 65 H. It is set up as a conventional casting rod. It has Fuji SiC guides sizes 20-16-12-12-10-10-10-10 and a size 10 top. This set up loads and casts well, but I will rub the line on the hypalon foregrip with big fish. I have caught yellowfin to 118 pounds with this rod, but I don't consider it anything more than a 40 pound blank. The first guide is 23 inches from the bottom of the foregrip. The foregrip is 13.5 inches. The rear grip is 10.5 inches NOT including the gimball. It has an aluminum PacBay reel seat which I like as the inner nut is attached to the bottom reelfoot hood. It does not loosen. I like everything about the setup but I would make the foregrip a little shorter since I don't use the rail. The blank seems to be very durable.



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    Richard; I havent acid wrapped that blank but I have done acid wrapped rods..The first guide is a 20 & use all 12 & a 12 tip ..I like the BMNAG or the MNSG guides..Only turn the first two 12 guides after the 20 all the rest are in line with the tip & the 20 with the reel seat..Split the rod in half turn tne guides to the left the first around 45 & the second around 135 ..The line has to stay in contact with those two guides at all times with the rod is under load..
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