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I've never seen a Billy mount a nanny. I don't think it would be to much a problem as long as I had at least 200 lb spectra and a 400 lb mono leader crimped to his horns.:D

I have seen deer, elk, cows, dogs, and humans get mounted.:cool: Pulling one off might be harder than you think. The strangest thing I ever saw was a human mount a watermelon at a dove hunt near Dilly.:eek: I couldn't believe my eyes. I had jumped over the fence to retrieve a dove on the property next to the dove lease around dark. I guess some of those farm boys get lonely. I was only about 16 at the time and I still remember it.

Back to the subject of the rod testing video. I guarantee you I wouldn't need a chair on a table to lift 40 pounds. That was funny. :) I always think it is strange to see these guys doing lift test without a complete rod. I believe that you need to have the guides wrapped, grip, reel seat, handle, etc all assembled to get a true picture of what the rod can handle in real life situations.

I also noticed that they were very careful when placing the weights for lifting. They had busted some rods before. That bounce test is a rod snapper. Notice how they were using the 20kg rod when they were bouncing 7kg's. That was smart. They might get a deduct from their paycheck every time they snap one.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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