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Discussion in 'Videos' started by Gunsmoke, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. Gunsmoke

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    I witnessed the most amazing rod stress I have ever seen this weekend. On my way home I remembered a video I had saved on my computer. I've done some horrible things to rods in the past, but I have never put them on video.

    The below video is 6 minutes long. The last three minutes are the best. These two guys are doing a 20kg lift on a rod. They just aren't strong enough to do the test so they come up with a "Laurel & Hardy" routine using a chair as a pivot. I know they are being serious but I think it's funny. :)

    YouTube - Xzoga Products Test
  2. STx Fisherman

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    We need to make a video of Mr. Bill testing out rods. Instead of 40 lb. weights....we'll tie the line around the horns of a billy goat while he's chasing a nanny, (the billy goat...not Mr. Bill). That would make for good testing conditions....variable pressure and torque testing. If the billy goat mounts the nanny....we'll see if Mr. Bill can pull him off. If he can....I might buy that kind of rod.

  3. MrBill

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    I've never seen a Billy mount a nanny. I don't think it would be to much a problem as long as I had at least 200 lb spectra and a 400 lb mono leader crimped to his horns.:D

    I have seen deer, elk, cows, dogs, and humans get mounted.:cool: Pulling one off might be harder than you think. The strangest thing I ever saw was a human mount a watermelon at a dove hunt near Dilly.:eek: I couldn't believe my eyes. I had jumped over the fence to retrieve a dove on the property next to the dove lease around dark. I guess some of those farm boys get lonely. I was only about 16 at the time and I still remember it.

    Back to the subject of the rod testing video. I guarantee you I wouldn't need a chair on a table to lift 40 pounds. That was funny. :) I always think it is strange to see these guys doing lift test without a complete rod. I believe that you need to have the guides wrapped, grip, reel seat, handle, etc all assembled to get a true picture of what the rod can handle in real life situations.

    I also noticed that they were very careful when placing the weights for lifting. They had busted some rods before. That bounce test is a rod snapper. Notice how they were using the 20kg rod when they were bouncing 7kg's. That was smart. They might get a deduct from their paycheck every time they snap one.

  4. SkeeterRonnie

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    man! that'll keep you out of the watermelon patch!! No need for 12 gauge rocksalt loads!!