Coimbra Wreck Long Island, New York July 2013

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    Watching the New York & New Jersey bite these past 3 weeks wasn't fun at all until Al walked in to the shop gearing up for a trip to Long Island, after 10 minutes of talking Al invited me for a trip on Wednesday, he then called in again to postpone the dates on Tuesday as Wednesday’s weather doesn't look good.
    I found myself in Long Island at 4:00 AM at his door step and he introduce me to his brother in law “Ray”, while waiting for the weather to pass I took a 30 minutes power nap and we found ourselves cruising out of Fire island on 29 foot Yellow fin paired with twin 300 Yamaha, we made the 60 miles run in less than 90 minutes and get in touch with the other boat that launched out of shinnecock,
    The other boat consisted of Tom, Paul & Raymond, Tom decided to run his boat offshore with the Saltywater crew, Paul had an early bite on top water but the fish did not commit all the way,
    We cruised around looking for life but there was nothing so we decided to drift, after 2 drops we marked fish on the screen and sure enough boom, I was tight in about 5 cranks off the bottom, the fish charged at me right away to the top and made an amazing run back down, after 10 minutes of give and take I got it to the boat side and I was surprise to see this class of fish in our water, I estimated that fish to be around the 65 to 66 inch with hefty shoulder, unfortunately the hook pulled right at the boat side while the tails still flapping on the surface, such a heartbreaker on the first hook up.
    We got back to the same spot and drop our jigs and sure enough, “game on”! Both fish behaves the same, after a nice run the hook became undone, I guess I need some adjustments here,
    so I looked into my hooks and for the first time I was using a 5\0 size Shout Kudako hooks, I switched to the 6\0 hooks for a wider gap and a better hook up ratio.
    Back to the same drift and I have to attest that Ray Skills on the drift was amazing, he put us back on the same point and he shouted I am marking fish, couple of twitch and boom, again and this time I strike the hit with all my power and made sure to set the hook a couple of times before that fish start making its way to the surface, after 5 minutes we had a nice 50 inch fish in the boat with high five and celebration on board, at the same time Paul was tight on the other boat but on a stick bait, he was religiously casting top water and his persistence paid off, but unfortunately the fish kept on shaking it’s head till she set herself free.
    Now, everyone is relaxed on board as we have our fish in the box. We went again to repeat the drift, and in the meantime everybody’s talking on the radio that the bite died down and no nobody is catching any fish,
    we on the other hand were having good result, reason is we are putting our effort and dedication to what we believe is the right approach to target those fish.
    Al shouts we are marking fish in mid water; we drop the jigs to the bottom and again game on!
    the fish hits the jig in the mid water columns, after about 5 minutes and with a bit of huffing and puffing we got it to boat side and it happen to be bigger than the first one we landed, we released it to fight another day and we called to the day off.
    I wanted to thank Al and Ray for their generous invitation and I am sure we will fish together again,
    I slept 2 hours in the past 24 hours and in the early morning today I found myself pushing the stroller with my little Sasha for my 6 miles run, it can’t get any better!
    My observation to this fishery in Long Island:
    I’ve notice most of the fleet trolling while fish are holding in mid water and off the bottom, most of the guys that they were jigging they are basically yoyo jigging while you actually need to work the water columns as fish are seeking bait in various depth, another reason why we are getting bites on top water stick bait, I encourage anglers to have 1 casting set up as I am very positive from what I’ve seen and encounter that you will get top water bites on stick baits.
    Tackle used:
    Rods: Saltywater Tackle OBX 400, Black Hole, Race Point 150 Prototype & El Maestro
    Reel: Shimano Stella SW18000 & SW 20000
    Line: Shout Sasame
    Jigs: Shout Shab Shab, CB One, Hot’s drift Tune
    Hooks: Shout Kudako

    Tight Lines

    Putting a bend on the OBX 400 Jigging Rod
    With Ray
    With Al
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    Nice work as always.

    Also Glad to see a Sponsor promoting and using a fishing rod the way there meant to be used. Keep up the hard work and keep bending those rods.

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    Rock on!
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    Drift Tune. Nice read, great report. :)
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    Hi Doug,
    We will keep raising the bar and doing what we love to do the most, Thank you in your trust and encouragement!

    Tight Lines
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    Too bad Paul losteded his fish. Btw thanks for the tuna Sami it was delish.

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    Who marked that first fish, again?
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    I know Evan, it would have been great to score on the jig and on topwater, i am sure it will happen soon ;)

    Hey Doc,
    I hope you enjoyed the show :)

    Tight lines
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    That boat is friggin awesome!
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    Nice boat, Al! I remember you were pretty excited about it when I met you, and I can see why!
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    great to here , right in my back yard.