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Hey guys,

As the cod season is upon us here in the north east we wanted to tell you about some of the octopus style squid skirts and teasers we here at Tacklenow have for sale.

Octopus style skirts have been used for decades as attachments to treble hooks on cod jigs as well as for teasers used above jigs. They are also used to dress bait hooks in high low rigs!

Our 3.5" squids are perfect for bait rigs, and the 4.8" squids are perfect for dressing up your cod jig hooks.

We also hand make and sell cod rigs- jig rigs, and bait rigs. If you are interested please shoot us a PM or email us at [email protected] We can make any custom rig, and they are personally hand tied by Peter, who has tied thousands of cod rigs during his tenure on one of the best cod producing cod party boats on the east coast.

Octopus Teasers
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