Cod Jigging Maine

Discussion in 'Jigging and Popping' started by njnicka, Apr 27, 2008.

  1. njnicka

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    Did my annual trip up to Maine and fished on the Bunny Clark!! Out of 7 years going up there this was the SLOWEST fishing i've ever experienced. Captain Ian tried moving around to get us on fish but it seemed like they had lock jaw!! Me and one other guy were the only ones to get Cod on Jigs, I had 4 with 2 keepers and High hook on the boat was 3 keepers. I think the total fish caught was around 15 and there was 25 fishermen onboard.. There were many good anglers on the boat that couldn't even produce 1 fish. I was able to try on my new OTI jig and had 2 on that and 2 on a lavjig type jig.. I also brought up my OTI 600g jigging rod and was extremly happy with it!!
  2. JerseyBrian

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    Which OTI jig produced Nick? Were you using a YoYo style or fast jerk method of jigging?

  3. peterk814

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    you typically never use a fast jerking motion for cod jigging...Slow squidding or regular cod yoyo style works best
  4. njnicka

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    I was using both techniques, becasue NOTHING was working. I used the OTI Jagger Jig 400gm in silver. I caught 1 using short strokes...