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  1. Brent

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    First time poster here. Been lurking for a while and I can honestly say, yall know some stuff. This going off shore is opening me up to a whole new way of fishing. Bass fishing and Chesapeake Bay fishing all my life, but this offshore stuff is more addictive.

    My question is about Berkley's Cobalt. While looking through my tackle store's Daiwa jigging rods, I saw a Berkley Cobalt (on sale). The rod looks and feels good, but I didnt know if there is anyone who has hands on knowledge of this rod. Best I can recall the numbers are similar to the Saltiga jigging rods.

    I am looking for a rod to go with a Saltist 30T.

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    What's your budget for a jigging rod and what are you looking to target?

  3. Brent

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    Price : I was looking to go inexpensive for my first rod. $100 is easily within range, $150 tops. If I end up going a bunch, I'll look to upgrade.

    Target : small tuna, king mackeral, grouper, tilefish, cobia, and inshore maybe the occasional tautog..

    Thanks for asking.
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    Shimano trevala for $99 and the warranty you can't go wrong the mh or the h should work fine w a saltist 30