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    Well, its official, I am one cooked sausage right now. back to back to back, and 2/3 days with blood in the boat!! I need some sleep badly, but still amped up from the end of the day save yet again.

    Yesterday is a day best forgotten. First time in a while I just never felt we even had a real shot. All-star crew with all the right gear, just no love.

    Met Kil, Sun, Choi, and Chris at 4am, and off we went with high expectations in the early morning gloom.

    Got rained on for the better part of the morning after a slick ride out at 30 knots, only to find a quick pod of first light ghosts that were up and then gone in a mere blink of an eye.
    Today started out much the same, and the day began to seem like a torturous repeat, but at least the signs were there today with tons of bait, tons of birds, a whale show to rival any national geographic youve ever seen, but no tuna. We actually stopped for a good half hour on two different occasions and the guys took pictures and video of full breaches, 6-7 whales in a tight pod bubble feeding and tail slapping. The birds were insane as well, but spread out and just taking bait at will. I marked many more fish today, but still it appeared they would not eat anything we threw at them.

    At 10:15, just before slack water, the area we had been sitting in for hours with nothing but endless whales everywhere the eye could see, when all of a sudden a group of birds got real tight, and a few singles and doubles came up in a real loose group slashing at bait. We came tight immediately with a cast X-rap, and it was off to the races. Kil fought the fish for maybe 5-8 minutes or so, when the hook popped....or so we thought. A 4x Gamakatsu treble snapped on one shank, and our fish gained his freedom and lived to swim another day. NO more Gamakatsu hooks for me, thats the second one on my boat in 2 seasons.

    We only had one other hit before 1:30 PM, a weighted sluggo was nailed but we couldnt get the hook to stick. We then got a call from a big grey contender that was back a bit south of the morning spot we had been working together, and we got about a mile and a half before it erupted just off the port bow. We quickly stopped, and on the second cast Chris was into a whopper on another weighted sluggo. Strong fish, fought hard for 30 minutes until it succumbed to the iron. Chris' first BFT on spinning gear taped out at 65 inches, and tremendously fat, estimated at 170 pounds. The Tuna Sniper from OTI continues to impress, handling this beefy fish with ease. The Saragosa performed flawlessly with 18 pounds of drag, and the angler worked this fish really well which got real stubborn under the boat at the end.

    I got a bit excited as the fish hit the deck, and when I went to try and get a buddy boat in on the feed, I blared the exact numbers over the VHF for all to hear....and sure enough, a mere 2 minutes after the boat arrived, another bow appeared on the horizon coming dead ahead at warp speed. Thankfully nobody else heard it or made it there in time other than the 1 guy, and he was SOL on the troll after 5 minutes and headed back the way he came as the fish had gone down by then.

    We had two more hits soon after, but could not convert, and then pointed the bow west towards the dock having fulfilled our mission.

    Feeling good about the first 2 weeks of Tuna landing fish in all but one charter along with a solo slob, hoping it stays hot through fall this year.

    Sorry about the crappy photos, only had my phone, but the crew took tons of photos so I will ask them to get some up. We didnt come tight even with a screen like that showing...that's tuna fishing.
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    Nice tuna. How long does the season last for a chance of getting one on a spinner?
    In other words, How much time do I have to make up my mind to come or not?

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    Nice tuna. How long does the season last for a chance of getting one on a spinner?
    In other words, How much time do I have to make up my mind to come or not?

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    We took 2 60" 130~ lb. fish last November 6-7 if I remember the date. I know it was in early November and there were very few boats around where we were that morning. We had singles and doubles all around the boat for hours. My fishin' bud cast a popper out around where the fish had been porpoising and about 25' from the boat the beast came up and slaughtered the popper right in front of us. One of the most exhilerating strikes I have ever had the opportunity to witness. Catching these fish on top water gear has got to be the absolute ultimate in gamefishing I am sure there are those that will disagree but it is right up there with the best of the best. I am jonesin' bad to get up there.
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    Dom -

    Good to hear they decided to eat, unlike the previous day when we were out there.
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    Very nice Tuna ! love 'em OTI Sniper !!