Coastal BFT week in review

Discussion in 'Jigging and Popping' started by Capt. Dom, Jul 18, 2009.

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    Sorry for the lack of reports this past week, but the first month of tuna fishing has taken it's toll on me both mentally and physically. The size of these fish has forced me into handling the rod way more than I would like of late, and the long hours and no sleep have prevented me from posting as much as I would like.

    This past week has seen amazing amounts of lazy, breezing fish all over the surface. They were hot a few days with excellent bites, but for the most part it hasnt been the greatest of topwater conditions.

    Last Friday's trip with Al(bigfishinalittlepond on NBS), Andy P, and Shoefish was a tough day, but we managed to handle a nice big 68 inch at the end of the day.

    Saturday's trip with Raza was a heartbreaker, we had several explosions, and Raza came tight on a HUGE fish in the 250 plus category but unfortunately the mainline snapped when another fish ran into the line. The cinditions rapidly deteriorated preventing any last minute heroics, and we headed back to the dock early with no tuna, the first time in a while for me.

    The rest of this weeks trips the weather and the fish cooperated for the most part. Multiple bites was the norm on every trip, and save for Wed., where we busted a fish off boatside, no real equipment failures for a change and fish on the deck with happy smiling crews. Wednesdays fish was fought valinatly for a half hour, but the mainline snapped, this time just above the reel, as I was about ready to give it the business....that's tuna fishing though.
    The weathermen screwed me out of a trip today, but back at it tommorrow and Monday before I take off a week from the hardtails to do the Oak Bluffs Monster Shark thing.

    Some random pics from this week:

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  2. gman

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    Great report Dom wondering where you have been. Tightlines at OB wish we could have been there

  3. fishingeek

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    We had a blast on our trip with you Dom even though it took alot of patience until the tuna decided to show themselves!!!!

    I am in Sunny Florida with the Family this week and look forward to battling another Brute in the blue suit when we return:)
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    unfortunately the mainline snapped when another fish ran into the line.

    That happened to me back in April. I lost a bunch of line and almost got spooled on my next fish because of it. We had the boat going full blast and managed to run it down, just as I was starting to see the spool.

    Had to respool my 40. Now I have about a 30T's worth of 80lb JB on a roll. I just didn't want a splice in there and had an 1800yd roll of BB, so I just started over.

    That's a great shot of Al with that popping rod.