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Cinco Cook Found

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Ever since the Big E canceled the Cinco Tuna Trip the cook that McGolfer hired has been missing. Rumors have been circulating around the Internet that McGolfer had transformed him into a tuna and set him free. I found SkeeterRonnie the cook this weekend wearing his apron at Boomvang. His freedom was short lived as I caught him this weekend. I will be cooking him tomorrow night in a lemon butter sauce over a hot mesquite fire.


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I even get that one. Nice tuna MrBill. I'll bet that it will be tastey.
mrbill thanks for killing him. glad you guys got out even with the lousy conditions....rick
lol. hey now!!!! Thats IS a nice tuna though.
ROFLMAO, Now that is funny. Ronnie, no wonder you sometimes smelled a little fishy!
When Tuna Skeeter hit the deck, his first words were "Is this the Big E?".

I said "NO, the Big E only goes out on calm days. This is the Gulf Eagle that will take people out that want to fish with Mother Nature."

I then cut his gills and watched him bleed to death as he flopped around on the deck begging to cook for me.
Thet thar iz funny, I don't care who ya are....
such a cruel, cruel world we live in...lol. My boat preference IS the Gulf Eagle... its the only one I have ever been on..lol. My first YFT I ever landed all by myself came to the boat as fast as I could reel! It was boatside and layed there helpless.. It was quite disappointing... HOWEVER the next one I hooked into whooped my butt. I gave it more time to think! And it thought "DEEEEEEP". So my quest is to see how fast you can crank them in, if you keep the pressure on and dont let em think. Looks like Mr Bill did exactly that. Mr Bill- hope we get to have YFT races come this spring on the Cinco trip.
Green fish can be gaffed by good deckhands, but fair deckies loose them.
Mr Bill- hope we get to have YFT races come this spring on the Cinco trip.

Knowing Mrbill for many years, I think that catching of the cook was the official burial service for that Cinco trip. I thought he burned that apron a month ago. Nothing surprises me with that man. I laughed for some time when I saw that pic. That's why we get along. Never a dull moment. I can hear him now screaming out about kicking that tunas ass. I bet it was repeated many times.

This should be an interesting weekend. He won a trip to an exotic game ranch this weekend to kill one species of his choice by hogging in a YF under 8 minutes. I've posted here before to never bet the guy. I've had to open my wallet many times with bets I thought I would never lose. I'm going on the same hunting trip, and the guy he won the trip from is sweating bullets.

The exotic game ranch has a menu. On the menu is the prices for the animal you shoot. If they have an elephant or rhino, that could get very expensive.

I think he has buried that Cinco trip in his mind. If that trip ever happens it better be "Seis" or he won't go. I'm even willing to bet on that. You can burn him once but never twice.
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