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JC, Freddie, Tommy and I were thinking tuna on Thursday and we set our sights on Oregon Inlet. We fished from the 630 to the Point on a report from Capt. Kevin Bremmer from Succession Sportfishing this is where they did quite well the day before. When we got there the seas were lifeless. We worked fro 50 fathoms out to over 1500 feet and nothing in the distance we see a charter boat with a kite up and all of a sudden the sea starts to boil and 40 to 80 lb class YFT are airing out all around us we drag right through them and nada. We pull in all lines circle around mark the fish 15 fathoms down and drop jigs we did not score circle around again get back on the fish drop down again and immediately hook up 10 min later we stick a 35 pound YFT. That was it the rolling bite was non-existant. Ended the Tower playing with the AJ at the 102 tower. i have some seriously sweet footage of 40"-45" class AJs crushing jigs and topwater baits. That will come later.

Water temp was 76.4 to 77.1 degrees, 50 fathoms to way deep no bites on the troll kite or jigs but the fish were on the move we couldn't stay with them. Heard reports of a nice gaffer bite at the 400.

Thanks JC, Tommy and Freddie for coming along!!!

JC's YFT on the jig!!!

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