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At the last minute we saw a weather window develop so we wnet into scramble mode. After 100 phone calls and 50 text messages we were set to head to HI for some more jigging. Ashton, Mike, JC, and I decided to head to the 230 rocks and see if we could pick up some BFTs (Black). Started a bit slow but we managed a few FAs and AJs. We slid up north to meet with Bill Bogue and found significantly more action. We ended up with several FAs, AJs and Almacos a Snowy Grouper, some kind of weird Hake (???), several nice BSBs, several Bluelines and two Blackfins.

Water temp was 63.2 degrees with the break just east of the 30 fthm curve. Generally speaking we fished the 250 line in 50 to 70 fathoms Water was not particularly good looking. Seven to nine ounce jigs, color didn't matter on 65 to 80 lb braid with 60 lb fluorocarbon wind on leaders. Speed jigging through the marks produced the biggest fish, while fresh False Albacore on circle hooks produced meat from the deep!!!

Great fishing with Miss Ginya, East Infection and Tie One On!!!

Awesome day on the water!!!

Thanks to JC, Ashton and Mike!!!

To come.






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