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Went fishing last Saturday, since I have a nice week off after that great Tournament that we hosted ,went with my friend Dr. Cattan of David , Capt. Macho and capt. Sergio , made bait in Biuda rock with some nice Blue Runner, so we start heading between
Coiba Island and Jicaron , we encountered some nice school of Yfts in Punta Hermosa and tried Popping for them using OTI komodo popper ,only got one after trying for half hour , so we figure the fishes were not too interested in wood , so we start flipping the blue Runners over using my favorite spinning gear , OTI xtreme w/ Stella 20000 , I wanted to test this set up on a nice big cow , caught a few of them between 50# to 70 # , definitely an enjoyable fight on spinning , then I hook on to one and started peeling and burning line , I said oh [email protected]##$ !!!, Macho get on the wheel quick ! , I am going to run out of line, it went like that for 5 to 10 minutes , and then the line slack but there was still something on( half a fish) , this time I said [email protected]#$ ! [email protected]##$$ , I was so sure I had a big fish , anyway a big shark took my fish and grab on to it until it can cut it in half , Oh well ! , we had a good day fishing got into more school near the southern tip of Coiba , weather is perfect , did not encounter any rain at all , enjoy the Pics. ( Yes I only have one fishing shirt )





1 - 3 of 3 Posts