(Cheap) Hollow for GT popping

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  1. Lorenz89

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    which "cheap" spliceable braid would you recommend for boat and shore fishing for big GTs?
    I have a Xzoga PE8 and PE10 and 3 Saragosa 18/18/20k (and a 25k spool with 400m JB 80 lbs).

    Jerry Brown Hollow 80, 100 or 130 lbs?
    Is the Jerry Brown solid (well) spliceable in 80, 100 and 130 lbs? Would you consider using the solid and splicing on some hollow braid or directly splicing the loop for the wind-on leader?
  2. Kim

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    You definitely want to search some of the older posts on this because this ha been debated a lot. As for myself, I use HC braid on my setups for YFT because of the higher ABS but since I have become a fan of J Braid 8, I've changed all of my bottom bumping and jigging et up to J Braid and I use about a 10 foot section of HC to splice line on to top off the spool after break offs etc.

    I like the economy and I'm satisfied with the performance of the J Braid and since splicing with HC makes it 100% without knots, I'm sold.
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  3. Eoin

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    Hi Kim
    Could you break down the setup of j8 to hc to leader with pics if possible? This is very interesting to me. Thanks.
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  4. explorer

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    So Kim, your Jbraid goes in 5ft, out for 1/2cm back into the HC another 5ft?
  5. Lorenz89

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    Thank you. Yes, there's plenty of info in the forum. I think I will go for JB hollow 80 or 100.

    In some shops it says:

    80: ~114-140 lbs
    100: ~112-117 lbs
    130: ~167-194 lbs