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Charkbait Avet SX 6/4 Special (Free Spectra)

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Pulled the trigger on an Avet SX 2-speed today. They come in gunmetal now, and Charkbait was including free spectra, mono topshot, and a free case and shipping!

I ordered it filled with 50lb Blackwater Spectra topped with 25lb Izorline Clear. I have a feeling I'm going to put the hurt to a lot of Fluke with it this summer, and should be a great match to the GUSA 79 MAG I bought from Ragman. The Blackwater is also a 16 strand spectra, so it's nice and soft and should be fantastic to cast with considering the Avet's freespool capabilities.

changed to JB and 2 - speed

The best part is that it was 289.95 SHIPPED!!

this deal applies to ALL AVET MODELS (pricing varies)
(silver, gold, black, purple, blue, gunmetal, red)

Weekly Specials

I will definitely post pictures when it arrives
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Charkbait always has kick ass deals. I was going to pick up a MXL 2 speed or the SX 2 speed in Gunmetal last week from Charkbait with the same promo, but now I'm glad I didn't as I have all this other spinning jigging stuff to buy :p
WOW, Blackwater included!!! That's sweet!!!
I was going to order my 665w 2spd and get it spooled with their Blackwater braid too, but now I want that OTI mutli colored depthfinder line!!
WOW, Blackwater included!!! That's sweet!!!

I know!! I was totally surprised to see that offered as an option, the only thing i am not sure about it is whether it's hollow or solid. I' m going to call to find out, because I'm not sure if i want a hollow braid on a reel this small, but if the diameter is thin enough, I may stay with it.
where do you fish for fluke? I cant wait for the season here in jersey although the regs suck.

Ive got 2 of the new sx and they are sick. One is spooled with 300yards 20# power pro with 12# topshot and the other is spooled with 300 yards of 30# with 20# topshot.
Hey mike, i live in ct but i fish fluke in rhode island and last i heard, the regs were 7 fish bag limit and no closed season thats not to bad, what are the regs for NJ ? thanks
the regs may change this year to a 7 fish 21" bag or a 2 fish 19" I'm not totally positive on the numbers but it will be a 2 or 7 fish bag but not totally sure on the size.

I fluke out of Nwport RI and can't wait for the SX. It should be a killer, spooled with 50lb braid and a 25lb topper. Probably swap to put the mono on the bottom of the spool for fluke and switch it back for stripers and tuna.

I found out the Blackwater is hollow, which I don't want for casting, so I need to decide between JB and Izorline. I know the JB comes in 16 strand, but not sure on the Izor. Ideas? Calling Charkbait tomorrow, but wanted to hear from y'all first.

I'm really tempted to go for the 2 - speed, being a tackle ho, now an AVET ho, this is my second in less than a month. :D
I'd go with the JB. JB is very smooth and supple. It may just be me, but I-line feels very stiff and rough.
Ordered the SX 6/4 2 speed, 50lb JB, 25lb Izor, ended up going for the black reel, and spending the extra for the 2 speed. way too excited right now :D
NEW REEL...black
the color is fantastic!
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