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Discussion in 'Rods and Rod Blanks' started by rparham82, Mar 28, 2009.

  1. rparham82

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    Any body have experience with Chaos rods out of Florida? I ordered some new stand up rods for my 50's the first week in January and have yet to see them. I emailed Chaos inquiring about my order the following week and was told the rods were being built and should be complete in approximately 5-6 weeks. As you guys know, it's nearly April and my last two attempts to contact the company have come up empty handed (no reply). Panic level has been elevated to defcon 5 as summer is around the corner. Just wondering if anyone has done business with this outfit in the past and how it went.

  2. kidflex

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    wow! thats sounds like poor business. hope you get your rods. ive only read about chaos rods and the florida guys seem to love them.

  3. rparham82

    rparham82 Member

    Yeah, not real happy with the custom service. I feel I've been more than patient with the whole thing considering they've had my money since January and I have nothing to show for it. Guess I'll have to put on my dickhead hat Mon. and throw a fit.
  4. jig

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    I got a custom job a few years ago. Same deal with the big delays. But they said it was due to the alum butt being on back order from the manufacturer. They did talk to me through it all, and I eventually got a nice rod (and a free hat and t-shirt).

    Now that I think about it, I have never even used it.
  5. tdwcapt

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    Great product. But business-wise, they're trying to have their cake and eat it too. They're pegging themselves as custom rods, but their custom orders seem to take a back seat to their "production" rods.

    Best way to get your hands on Chaos rods is to go to the tackle show in Houston, or any other show where they exhibit. If you want them to build you a rod, I would think about another builder. Otherwise, they have a great selection off the rack.
  6. rparham82

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    Well I guess I should have made this post before I ordered my rods. Live and learn. I definitely would have went another route had I known they were this slow. We've had a great winter tuna bite down here and I've got smoked a couple of times on my 30's b/c the 50's are on the shelf.
  7. tdwcapt

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    I'm not sure if I'll ever order another custom rod ever again. It used to be that you couldn't get a good production rod or anything of any real quality unless it was a custom job. Several companies are now producing excellent "custom" quality rods with high end components. Bout the only reason I can see for ordering a custom stick is for the sake of selecting your own colors. The older I get the less I really care about that.
  8. SteelingHeads

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    I have a had a real problem with one of my component suppliers recently. Two months to get half of what I ordered, with almost zero communication from them despite my emailing them regularly. I finally gave up and cancelled the order. Then they sent me half of it a week later. Poor customer service seems to be reaching epidemic levels these days....
  9. hstsw

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    Ordered 2 custom rods from Chaos before - it tool approx 4 - 6 weeks but they did keep me update through the whole process. That was 4 years ago - not sure how their customer service handle calls now.
    IMO you should call them & escalate
    Similar to 'jig' - got my rods but haven't used them once I got my OTI rods right after
  10. Snagged

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    That is a common story for them.
  11. sbarracl

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    I have ordered from Chaos before and have been very happy with them. Although I have always bought their production rods, not custom. They are re-working a jig spinning rod for me and they are keeping me informed. I have been talking to Luis recently.

    One thing I know is they have been hit hard by the economy and they are consolidating their operations into one location. They are relatively small, so it doesn't surprise me that their output slows down when moving their production location.

    I would call until you get Luis on the phone and let him know you are getting antsy.

    I have been super happy with their rods and suggest cutting them a little slack in these hard economic times.
  12. bulllred

    bulllred Senior Member

    Anyone got in contact with Chaos rod lately. I have been calling them for several weeks now and all I got is an answering machine. I have left messages and still no one has called me back.
  13. Bolo

    Bolo Senior Member

    I have several custom rods from Kaos and usually takes about 2-3 weeks turnaround time. The last time I saw Chaos was at the Dania Marina Flea Market which was 3 weeks ago. Aldfo and Luis are great guys. I'm sorry that you are not getting your phone calls return. All the custom rod company in South Florida are folding up and Chaos Rods is struggling to stay alive. They have down size their company to keep it going. I would keep calling and send emails to them. Ask for Luis or Aldfo(Owner).

    Trust me on this, their production rods is not moving as much as you think. They should have finished your rod this March past.
  14. rparham82

    rparham82 Member

    Luis finally got i touch last week and told me my rods should ship out this week. The delays are due to them changing locations. He told me all their email and phones are being changed over to the new location and he is trying to call customers one by one.
  15. Muddskipper

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    I was told the comapny was sold a while back and they were having financial issues ....

    They were not at the Houston Fishing show this year .....

    I know a number of people with their products, I hope they don't get burned on warrenty issues.
  16. rparham82

    rparham82 Member

    Well its been two weeks since I was told my rods would ship, guess what? Sill no rods. Sent Chaos an email today saying I wanted rods by Saturday or a refund. I understand the company is going through hard times but I placed my order four months ago. Can anyone recomend a rod builder if this thing goes south on me.
  17. wadefisherman

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    I have a custom chaos rod for sale. It's a Ultimate K15-50. I bought it from the boat show and used it couple time. It's like mint condition. Paid 325$. I'll let it goes for 200 plus shipping and handling. Local pickup is welcomed.
  18. Bullred2177

    Bullred2177 Guest

    I think Chaos is not long for this world. The owner owes our company over $5,000 that is almost one year past due. They will not repsond to our request for payment. The guy who made things happen left the company out of dusgust. Our opinion is that they are a sorry lot.
  19. sagamoron

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    Sorry to hear about your rods, I came across a post on another forum with someone having the same isssues.
  20. Savage Rods

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    Try a local guy or two. I know what we did against them at every show where we were together. I think Adolfo is good people, spent alot of time together at shows, but economy has hurt alot of builders. Debt kills in hard times. And there's no bailout. I know we're still building alot of rods. Just gotta be careful with your money.