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Chandeluer Islan Report

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OK, Im back from the marathon trip. Im beat, the trips hads its ups and downs. The main thing to keep in mind was the water temps were in the high 90's. I could end this post right now after making that comment and Im sure you could draw your own conclusion...the fishing stunk, period end of sentence.

The highs ...beautiful islands, awesome sky's, nice hot weather, great friends and awesome food and ofcourse some 18" trout and a bull red.

The lows ...#1 **getting a spine in my finger from a hard head OUCH that frigging hurt and ruined one of my days as my finger swelled like a balloon and was extremely painfull. #2 there were no fish. Our boat (8 people) ended a 3 day trip with 30 trout and 12 redfish, and flounder another boat ended with 5 trout'

All in all it was a great experience, I love my new 4000 stella, I caught a 4' wide sting ray and was suroouned by hungry sharks all weekend which was way cool watching them launch themselves at lady fish

The boat was nice the deckhands were great but we didnt have the GPS sytem with the spots becuase they werent working which left us searching in a land were not familiar with.

My conclusion is I will spend my time doing what I was made to do which is chasing big bad ass fish like tuna, marlin and shark...its what I do best and enjoy. Not that inshore wasnt fun but the 95 dgree water kind of ruined it


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....it was free and I ate and drank like a pig

Sounds like a great trip! Thanks for not posting the pics...:D
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