ceviche recepies

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  1. crazyjigr

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    Looking for some good recepies to try for july 4th
  2. d-a

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    Looking for some good recepies to try for july 4th

    You need to catch some fish first


  3. Eastern Tackle

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    There is a whole ceviche thread on the bluewater board on 2cool. Those guys take it serious. Thats tournament food for them.
  4. yellowtail67

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    OOOOhhhhhhh salivation!!!!
    Triggerfish (in my opinion the BEST for ceviche) cooked in
    10-12 limes +- 2hours, turning over in fridge
    tomato finely chopped
    part of a red onion
    avocado when ready to serve
    served with ritz crackers.....add valentina hot sauce too.
    After the fish is cooked in lime I drain off the juice and drink it, it's great, add it all together and grub!
  5. jig

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    1 1/2 lbs snapper fillets, cubed
    2 tomatos chopped
    1 yellow onion chopped
    juice from 6-7 limes (enough to cover fish)
    1/2 cup olive oil
    one bunch of cilantro, minced leaves only
    1 or 2 jalapanos (depending on desired heat) seeded and stemmed, minced.
    salt to taste (depends on the saltiness of your chips)
    thick restaurant style tortillia chips

    Put fish cubes and lime juice (fresh squeezed) in quart ziplock bag in fridge. turn every half hour for about 2-3 hours (until fish is white).
    Put all other stuff in gallon ziplock in fridge, turn as you turn fish.
    After fish is done, dump that bag into gallon bag, mix well. Turn every 15 min for another hour.
    Dump all in a strainer (or just pour off lime juice as best you can out of bag). Dump in bowl (NOT metal), scoup up with chips.
  6. Muddskipper

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    I use equal parts Lemon, Lime, and Orange ( the Orange has natual sugar in it)

    For my fish, I use snapper or any white meat fish.

    I put the fillets in the freezer for 20 minutes, it helps them firm up and allows me to make smaller cubes.

    Marinate the fish in the juice 1st for 30 minutes or longer, in the fridge with plastic top.

    DO NOT USE METAL TO STIR or SERVE the ceviche as the metal will react with the acid.

    For the veggies / aka SALSA

    Cilantro, Tomaote (or sub a mango), White onion, Serranos peppers (some like Jalapino) a few cloves of Garlic 2-4/ mash and finly chopped, and salt and pepper to taste.

    Mix the fish without all the juice ( it makes it to soggy.)

    You can add a little of the juice to your preverence. PLASTIC SPOON

    Another twist is add a few dashes of wichesteser sauces, leanred that down in Cancun .... but what ever you like.

    DO NOT USE METAL TO STIR or SERVE the ceviche
  7. crazyjigr

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    All sound good my wife has decided to try Muddskipper's Thanks
  8. Jason4606

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    Is using frozen fish a no-no? (Since the acid is basically cooking it, but there's no heat... wasn't sure?)

    I still have some (ugly) bearded brotula frozen that is very mild and really nice texture, almost like crab meat... Would probably be awesome if it doesn't kill me! :eek:
  9. crazyjigr

    crazyjigr Senior Member

    fresh is best but frozen should be fine