Certate SW?

Discussion in 'Reels' started by tmd, Jan 7, 2021.

  1. tmd

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    Alan has a pic up w some size info but not much else. can't find any info with a search. any one has more? capacity or max drag or weight or price?

    hope its a poor man saltiga lol
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    This should be interesting. I’ve got a smaller certate I use for freshwater, and it’s a fantastic reel. Have been thinking about a 4000/5000 size certate as a nice inshore reel at a much lighter weight than a saltiga. Wonder what the SW version will bring to the table.

    Alan’s note seems to indicate sizing starting at 8000 and going up from there. Maybe the “SW” are just larger sizes of their standard certate lineup.

  3. bnz

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    I was wondering if it was going to take the place of the Catalina with the sizes the same as the saltiga.
  4. DenisB

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    " Maybe the “SW” are just larger sizes of their standard certate lineup."

    Yes I believe so. Certates have always been SW capable/rated from Ver 1.

    I have a bunch of Certates in my quiver from the original Ver 1 ( blue ) up to current in sizes 2500 - 4000 & they have all performed extremely well...............if they didn't they would not still be there in my quiver.

    I have a pair of Catalina 4500 which have been reliable too. I wouldn't hesitate to replace them with 5000 or 6000 LT Certate SWs when its time to upgrade

    Slightly off topic, My son recently had a 4000 Sol 3 catastrophic stem failure on the strike ( left to tuck the rod under one arm & hold the broken off reel in the hand while winding things in with the otherhand . This model has a metalised reel cap that extends from the heel of the body well up the stem, This design separates the stem into 3 legs with the rear 2 being acutely angled & small in cross section to carry the tensile load from line pressure down the rod. There was nothing overtly wrong with the Vaion Thermoplastic molding............its just too small in cross section in the rear legs of the stem on the 4000 size to be strong enough. A 12Kg rated reel being used with 8# line at 3-4# drag on a 7 month old unmarked but highly used reel suffering a clean tensile failure on both rear legs & a front leg of the stem that peeled back like a banana skin indicates a serious design problem with the stem design. stem strength appears to have been sacrificed for the "beauty" of the metallised cap.
    The issue appears limited to the 4000 size & the same body molding is used in the current Sol 3 ; TD Black ;& Emeraldas offerings in 4000..............beware. Smaller & larger reel sizes do not appear to be affected.
    This is a shame because the Sol3 series was only a small step down from the Certate specs , but nearly half the price.
    Daiwa here in Oz were quick to respond to the warranty claim & gave us a store credit to enable us to upgrade to a 4000 Certate, which was out catching fish in less than a week from the Sol failure......... we certainly didn't want a replacement Sol 3.
    Kudos Daiwa for acting promply.

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  5. SaltyMax

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    I have been using the Certate HD 3500 for a few season and the Certate LT 5000D past season for light shore jigging. Their "saltwater" capability has been very good with no issue thus far by just rinsing after each use.
    The certate LT is incredibly light to a power that it feel unbalanced to the rod that I would normally paired up with Stella SW 4000 and TP5000. You certainly don't feel a thing after jigging all day.
    If they are going to increase the reel size, they might need to upgrade the gears to reduce rotation force. The Stella and TP still have more "crank power". It would be interesting to see Daiwa finding sweet balance of certate HD and Certate LT
  6. bnz

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    This won't be an HD Certate, but SW. I'm pretty sure it will have the monococque body Daiwa is moving to with their reels. Will make it a totally different reel than the HD.
  7. ooeric

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    i posted over at SOL
    but i think its going to be a Catalina replacement. it seems its priced so close to the Saltiga.
    might as well just get the Saltiga and the service support for it from Daiwa US
    and why is everyone saying that pic its Alans pic,,, someone else posted it.

    this store has it up for preorder sales.
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  8. tmd

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    I converted the prices, looks like a $700 reel. maybe a renamed catalina?
  9. tmd

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    Did i say that? i said it is up on his site which is true and it was 4 days before it came up on sol lol. any way i hope it will come to the us named isla or what ever for cheaper. the isla of few years ago was cheaper than the japan catalina righ?
  10. hafnor

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    really excited for this reel. Very impressed with the new Saltiga on paper, but I was hoping the new Saltiga was made of more composite materials than going back to aluminum. I know a lot of people like it being a "metal" reel and not using composites... However I do believe composites are the future and the only thing I can see as a drawback on these big SW spinners is their weight. Saltiga 8k weighs 650grams.... 20k 900 grams...

    I would love to see a big sw Daiwa using monoqoque body with their zaioin material (or some other carbon construction), aswell as the rotor and handle... even the spool or parts of the spool in the same lightweight material. I imagine the weight savings would be huge. Corrosion wise also very beneficial. Carbon fibre having 3,8 x tensile strength than aluminium and weighing over 40% less than aluminium with same mass (google search)