Cedar Creek Night fishing anyone????

Discussion in 'Freshwater fishing reports' started by PiePuncher, May 8, 2007.

  1. PiePuncher

    PiePuncher Senior Member

    I will be heading out tomorrow night at around 6:30 and have an open seat. All my fishing buddies are working on thursday and they are afraid they will not get enough sleep to function on Thursday. This is not a guided trip but I guarantee you will catch plenty of fish. Anyone interested, let me know. I do not know what time I will be back in the evening. I got back at 3 am on Friday but did not start fishing until 10:30 or so. LiteLiner? Skeeter Ronnie? Anyone interested???

  2. Pope

    Pope Senior Member

    Good luck. It should be great! I hope the cloud cover obscures the moon for you.

  3. SkeeterRonnie

    SkeeterRonnie Senior Member

    lake is off limits for me this week. Basschamps tourney there this saturday. thanks for the offer though. I appreciate it.