CC BFT still present in numbers

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    Four straighht days in November..pretty sweet. The fishing was difficult the past few trips, as these fish are mnot bunched and very finicky. However, with alot of hard work and countless casts and drops to the bottom, you can be rewarded with some of the largest fish of the year, and they fight like absolute demons in this cold water. I am just too whipped to post any other information, but I will leave a link from Sundays trip which one of the guys on the open boat wrote a report on, with some cool pics. I am adding a few screen shots from the last couple of days, to show how thick these fish have been down deep. The jigs have been the ticket, as has lighter florocarbon and soft plastics. The fish are very slow and almost appear to be playing, coming up and rolling, with a few clearing the water fully but all spread out and frustrating as hell. I think they are starting their migration, but the amount of bait should have a few fish targettable for a while longer Im hoping.

    Here's the link to Sunday's report:

    Nov 8th----F#CK!!!!!!!! - Sport Fishing Forums

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    This one we had several bumps on the jigs before coming tight. You can see the jigs and the fish interacting with them quite clearly.

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    Those screen shots are incredible. Way cool.

    I read that report on the "other" board. What a great story. Sorry you lost the fish.

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    Love the screen shot there capt. Dom!
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    Way to go Capt, it was good seeing you up there again, and man we messed up eating that "Retard Sandwich" Saturday night. We should have listened to you and stayed.

    You are so close to getting a real chubby out there, keep it up man it will happen.
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    Its been great this season. I had to give up inshore fishing and other fishing opportunities to go up to Cape Cod for bluefin 24 times from mid June.
    It is time to work for my shop's website and do some inshore fishing before I go on 12 day Hurricane Bank trip out of San Diego just after Thanksgivings.