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Discussion in 'Tackle and Rigging' started by moonsoft, Jan 17, 2009.

  1. moonsoft

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    I wanted to ask you guys what you use / rig for catching bait for tuna trips?

    I have heard alot about Sabiki rigs, but there are many brands and sizes out there and i would like to know what works for GOM tuna, and what sizes and the setup (ie: how do you rig these and fish them?)
  2. Ragman

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    Hey moonsoft!

    Bring multiple sizes ranging from #12-#18. I'm partial to OTI's sabiki rigs!;-)

    I just use my popper rig to make bait instead of bringing an add'l rig just for bait.

    Tie a sabiki on, attach a 1 or 2 oz weight at the bottom of the rig. When the boat pulls up to a rig or structure, toss close to the structure, let the rig sink to different depths and work as much of the water column possible until you find where the bait is holding.

    Simple up and down twitches and slow retrieves back to the boat work as the process is pretty simple.

    When you hook up, bring the bait in easily or not too hard. Lift the rig into the boat, but grab the sinker at the end w/o touching the bait. Walk to the live well where hopefully a deck hand will remove and put into the live well. Start over!

    Remember that if you plan on using bait, you should do your part in getting as much as possible.